Casting Our Net

This January, SonSet Solutions participated in two virtual mission conferences for the first time. They were conducted by Mission ConneXion Northwest and Mission Central, which host some of the largest mission events in North America. We created a virtual missions booth where attendees could talk with team members and learn about the ways we provide innovative solutions for missionaries on the field. Mobilization Team Leader, Charlie Jacobson, who oversaw our participation, explained, “There were three goals for SonSet Solutions – we wanted to broaden our exposure, connect with people who might be interested in serving with us, and connect with other mission agencies we might be able to partner with.”

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the conferences were hosted virtually instead of in-person, and attendance was lower this year. Although the format allowed for flexibility and international participation, it also had its drawbacks. Charlie explains, “We were totally dependent on the participants coming to talk to us. We were not in a big hall to get their attention. It’s hard to beat the personal presence.” As a result, we did not make as many connections as we had hoped for. However, God was still working, and SonSet Solutions made several networking contacts. One of these was EMI Canada, a similar organization that also provides technical support for missionaries. Charlie said, “We could see how God is using them and glean from their experience.” 

Among other opportunities, the mission conferences allowed SonSet Solutions to “cast our net wide” in our recruitment efforts. We still have an urgent need for more personnel to fill both technical positions and supporting roles such as a human resource manager, bookkeeper, public relations specialist, funding development assistant and receptionist. We look to the Lord to fill our “net” as He did with His disciples.

Do you sense God calling you to use your skills to support missionaries and establish His Kingdom? SonSet Solutions would love to connect with you and help you get plugged in to our team. Find out how you can be involved in furthering the Lord’s work at

Written by Lauren Williams, March 2021

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