Bender, Curt and Marla

Curt Bender serves as the Vice President of Operations and Personnel Manager at SonSet Solutions. Curt grew up on a farm in Iowa and studied the biological sciences in college. He served as a research scientist with Kansas State University and South Dakota State University. Later he owned and operated a retail business in his hometown of Clinton, Iowa. Marla worked as a registered nurse in Coronary Care and Intensive Care units of hospitals in Des Moines and Clinton, Iowa. After raising and homeschooling their two children, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Grace Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. Marla serves on the Theological Committee of SonSet Solutions and writes articles for the mission.

The Lord led Curt and Marla to become missionaries with HCJB World Radio in 1996. Curt obtained a degree in electronic engineering technology to prepare for service at the HCJB World Radio Engineering Center (now SonSet Solutions) in Elkhart, Indiana, where they began serving in 1998.

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