Destiny FM Reaches the Unreached

“What happened to Destiny? Don’t you know that’s what keeps us alive?”

This is what Jim and Jenny Duncan, missionaries to Belize and partners of SonSet Solutions, heard from a listener when a broken transmitter forced Destiny 105.1 FM off the air.

In April, SonSet Solutions missionaries Alan and Sarah Good traveled to Belize to return the repaired transmitter and reinstall it so that Destiny FM could resume its on air ministries.

Though Belize is a country of many nationalities, its Mennonite community is a significant part of Destiny FM’s target audience. Approximately 12,000 Mennonites live in Belize. While some have integrated into Central American culture, others remain in colonies and try to preserve the “Old Order Mennonite” beliefs and culture. Though many Mennonites believe faith in Jesus is the only way to eternal life, a significant number miss the freedom the gospel provides and put too great an emphasis on rules and works as a means of being made right with God. Henry Redekopp, a pastor from the evangelistic sub colony, says the Old Colony Mennonites are a largely unreached people group in Belize, but now radio is able to reach them in their own language.

Currently, Henry is transitioning out of his pastoral role and into radio ministry. He is working with the Duncans to air music and programs in Low German, specifically chosen to meet the needs of Mennonites and broadcast at times they are most likely to listen. Even though technology may be restricted in some colonies, many hear the radio programs in cars they ride in or by listening to radios they secretly have in their homes.

Beyond ministering to the Mennonites, Jim’s vision for Destiny FM’s format is to minister to the Belizean workers who travel to and from work in cars or buses in the early morning and afternoon hours. And they are airing programs for kids when schools let out. Ultimately, the Duncans hope to reach out with the message of the gospel to all the citizens of Belize, as far as the radio waves will carry it.

By Sarah Good

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