Faith Comes by Hearing

We might go to a Christian bookstore and have a hard time choosing what Bible we want. Large print? Student edition? Study edition? We can go online or on an app on our phone and read or listen to God’s Word, look up commentaries, or read different versions with a click. But what if we didn’t have those options? What if we didn’t have access to Christian bookstores or apps or couldn’t download things on the web? Even worse – what if we couldn’t read at all?

The Pokot people live in a portion of western Kenya and eastern Uganda. They have their own language, Pokoot, and are considered semi-nomadic, which contributes to the high illiteracy rate. They were considered an unreached people just 30 years ago. However, the gospel has been spreading through the work of Pokot Outreach Ministries (POM) and other organizations.

During a trip with POM in 2018, SonSet Solutions missionaries first reached out to the Pokot people to encourage Christian leaders and to distribute solar-powered audio Bibles in their native language. More recently, in 2021, our team returned with POM, bringing additional audio Bibles. When the local pastors greeted them, they were happy to share how individuals had been greatly impacted by these devices. Not only did they provide access to God’s Word, it allowed many who could not read to hear the message of life. When asked if they had received audio Bibles from another ministry, they replied, “No, those are the ones you brought in 2018!” The pastors exclaimed that they were so popular with the families that they had created a sharing schedule where each family could have an audio Bible for only three days!

Romans 10:14 tells us, “How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?” Praise God that the Pokot are now able to hear and are responding!

By Christy Stephens, October 2022

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