Finding New Purpose

When Bowie Grant and his wife, Debby, moved to Indianapolis in the fall of 2019, they had no idea how the world would soon be changing. They moved to be closer to family, but Debby’s medical issues added some limitations, which became greatly magnified by the COVID-19 situation. Where they had been at the center of church activity before the move, they found themselves on the sidelines, and, soon after, unable to be with family or attend church in person for an entire year. Bowie found himself asking God how he could be used. How was he to spread the gospel when he couldn’t even walk over to his neighbor’s house and greet them?

Bowie received a call from a friend, telling how God kept bringing Bowie to mind as he prayed over who would be a good board candidate for an organization, SonSet Solutions. His friend, Tim Stephens, already a board member, explained the ministry’s mission. Bowie was particularly excited about the idea of leveraging technology in the service of Christ. He became more intrigued as he heard about radio technology that could reach remote parts of Africa. As Bowie started to learn more, he was attracted to an organization that keeps the Great Commission as its core purpose. As a self-described “Engineer Wannabe,” he was fascinated with the solar power equipment and technology. Yet the spiritual component was always the priority.

Bowie joined the SonSet Solutions Board of Directors in December of 2020. Having taught accounting and finance for many years, his professional skillset is a great addition to this group. He also hopes that his calm demeanor will be of benefit.

When asked if he has learned anything about SonSet Solutions that surprised him, Bowie replied in the affirmative. He loves that SonSet Solutions is not only overtly and unapologetically Christian, but is also pleased to easily see evidence. He is looking forward to being a part of what God is doing in and through SonSet Solutions.

Written by Christy Stephens, April 2021

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