From Elkhart to Guam

Who does a radio station on the island of Guam call when they need custom-made parts? Why, of course, their friends at SonSet Solutions!

Ten years ago, engineer Larry McGuire helped manufacture and install ten high-power switches for switching multiple transmitters to various antennas. After 10 years in the harsh sun on Guam, the exposed plastic insulators had badly deteriorated. Since they were originally made in Elkhart, Larry began making 99 replacements from a better plastic.

After the 99 insulators arrived at TWR Guam in August, the station asked Larry to create 48 of the 17”x29” white plastic panels to which the insulators are attached.  Each of the 48 panels had 38 holes drilled in them. That’s 1824 holes, folks! Larry did an outstanding job and sent the panels off to TWR Guam. Since Guam is in the U.S. Postal Service system, Priority Mail® can be used for shipping and is much faster and cheaper than any other option. Does that bring a smile?

According to their website,

Guam serves as a base for TWR to launch the gospel far into the expanse of Asia. Its location allows TWR to broadcast across a region suffering from the constancy of tsunamis, earthquakes, poverty, heavy drug trade and use, and an abundance of human trafficking — in other words, Guam is an essential and precious piece of Christ’s voice of hope!

After nearly 50 years of broadcasting gospel programming to listeners in 19 countries including North Korea, China and Vietnam, many people have had the opportunity to hear the gospel and become followers of Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to partner with TWR in this way as they send the words of God deep into the heart of Asia.

By Barbara Anderson, March 2024

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