From Madman to Man of God

Fred was a church altar boy with a bright future in Gulu, Uganda. But, when the head of his household died, it left him hopeless and full of frustration. Fred ended up joining street gangs, using drugs, and eventually becoming mentally ill. He walked around like a mad man on the streets of Gulu for three years, eating from dustbins, walking naked, sleeping on the streets, and acting crazy at times. However, when Fred saw someone listening to a radio, he would demand to listen to Favor FM, a local Christian radio station. As he listened to the preaching, he started to feel a sense of consciousness. One day, listening to God’s words through the radio, he received complete healing. Many people who knew Fred couldn’t believe this new person, since he was transformed so dramatically. Fred now carries his Bible with him everywhere he goes! “I have now dedicated my life in serving the ‘Healer’ and singing gospel songs,” says Fred.

Favor International began broadcasting out of Gulu in 2014. SonSet Solutions was an integral part of setting up the equipment for Favor International’s Christian radio station, and we continue to be available for technical support. Radio shares the gospel message in places where traditional missionaries cannot always be present. Individuals tune in to hear vital information about health education, businesses, family and social values, and post-war recovery. Programming is a mix of teaching, music, news, testimonies, prayer, preaching, education, and more. In 2022, Favor FM received 40,435 calls asking for guidance and/or prayer, and 6,469 individuals received salvation! It has become the number one radio station in northern Uganda with almost two million listeners! The radio station is a bridge that helps people reconcile, addressing the trauma left from years of war through the love of Jesus Christ. Even more importantly, in sharing the gospel, Favor FM is reconciling people such as Fred to their creator, sometimes in dramatic ways.

By Christy Stephens, March 2023

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