Generosity in a Time of Great Need

John grew up with one functioning leg having had polio as a child. Despite this limitation, he was determined to go to medical school. He did, in fact, start studying medicine, but when he contracted a Buruli ulcer, he had to stop his studies due to finances and was in danger of losing his good leg as well. This was a difficult time for John, one in which he even contemplated suicide.

John, a long-time listener of Vox Radio, with nowhere else to turn, expressed his financial constraints to the station and the need for treatment of his ulcer. Vox Radio is an FM station in Liberia with a focus on reaching the youth for Christ.

Because of the generosity of various ministries that support Joseph Kebbie, director of the Vox Radio Station, John was able to get the treatment he needed for the Buruli ulcer and is now on the road to recovery. John expressed his appreciation through a letter he sent to the station. He writes, “Since last November until now, you have not abandoned me in the treatment of my affected Buruli ulcer that is fully recovering from the medications provided by you. Words are inadequate to express and only the almighty God can pay you people.”

SonSet Solutions has partnered with Vox Radio for many years. We have provided transmitters and antennas to them as well as SonSet® radios that they have distributed to their listeners. The station tries to meet not only the spiritual needs of their listener family, but also the physical ones that they might have. They are, indeed, trying to show God’s love for their listeners in tangible ways. This generosity was shown to John in a time of great need, and he is so grateful.

By Ruth Weber, September 2023

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