God Answers Prayer

Dr. Dan Kletzing can testify to the power and the faithfulness of our God as he followed a calling to provide the gospel message to lost families in rural Belize.

Dr. Kletzing was introduced to the people of Belize while on a medical missions trip. Sometime after that trip, he felt a call to return to this beautiful country. But this time, instead of helping to heal bodies, he was hoping to make a way to heal hearts and souls!

After hearing of SonSet Solutions’ solar radios, he raised funds to purchase 80 SonSet® radios, the number that he could safely carry in a suitcase. As the plans progressed, there were various concerns, not the least of which was whether anyone would let him travel with 80 lithium batteries! That ended up not being an issue, but he had other problems. Upon landing, customs would not allow him to bring “transmitters” into the country. Trying to explain that these were not transmitters but rather receivers, got him nowhere. The radios were locked up, and he was sent to the Belizean government’s communication authority. Dr. Kletzing reminded himself of all the people at home, covering this mission with prayer.

Matt Pettingale, the manager of the radio station, accompanied him to the government office and was surprised to realize that he knew the Belize official who greeted them! The official wrote a letter of permission for them to bring the radios into the country.  The next hurdle was the tariff, as the charges can sometimes be outrageous. However, they were only charged 90 cents per radio, which was a bargain. The radios were released, and they were presented to individuals and families in four villages along the Hondo River. Some had no electricity and were overjoyed to receive the music and messages, which are broadcast 24 hours a day. Dr. Kletzing shares, “I came home understanding that God answers prayer.”

Written by Christy Stephens, September 2021

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