God’s Perfect Timing

The year 2023 was a very difficult time for the country of Burkina Faso as militant religious groups caused the displacement of over two million people. However, God had a plan. During 2023, our partner Radio Évangile Développement (RED) received 960 of our SonSet® radio receivers, to which they added 340 from a previous shipment for a total of 1,300. Because of God’s perfect timing, RED was able to make it a priority to distribute them to these Internally Displaced People.  

The approach that RED took in distributing the radios was to invite pastors, Muslim leaders, and governors to distribution centers. In a united effort, the receivers were then divided between the eight RED stations and distributed to these displaced people who settled within reach of the radio waves. The people were able to hear the Good News of Jesus and keep abreast of the national news during this difficult time.

In response to the radio distribution, a village chief shared, “We used to listen to Radio RED, and we’ve always appreciated the programs you put on. You’ve always talked about peace and living together. The gesture you’ve just made really testifies to the love you have for the people who listen to you, and you really want what’s best for them. For my part, I thank you for this gift.”

The situation in Burkina Faso has improved, and many are returning to their villages. We are thankful for our partnership with RED which is concerned for the spiritual and physical well-being of the people in the country. It is a ministry that promotes not only peace but social unity as well. Through God’s perfect timing, these displaced people were able to get these SonSet radio receivers and be encouraged during a time of great need.

By Ruth Weber, February 2024

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