Impacting Thousands One Individual at a Time

Marriages struggle in many societies, but in the strongly male-dominated society of Papua New Guinea, marriages face increased challenges. Jane’s (name changed) marriage had been plagued with affairs and threats of violence. With a small financial gift and a request to pray for her marriage, Jane contacted Wantok Radio Light (WRL), a radio ministry started with the help of SonSet Solutions. Rebecca, who served at WRL, called Jane to pray for her over the phone. She encouraged Jane to fast and pray for three days and Rebecca would do the same. Rebecca reports, “At the end of three days, she said her husband saw in a dream the cross of Jesus with blood dripping off of it. He knew it was because of his sin that Jesus died. He asked forgiveness of his wife and gave his life over to Jesus to change him…. Now their marriage is strong, and they are strong in the Lord.”

In the early days of WRL, a man came to the station and told Linda, one of the broadcasters, that he had been listening and had put his faith in Jesus as his Savior. Several years later, as Linda was doing a live broadcast in another city, this listener approached her again. He told her that he was now studying to be a pastor. Linda testified, “I had never realized until then how much of an impact Christian radio can have on one life.”

Last year SonSet Solutions technician Alan Good helped restore the shortwave broadcasts of WRL. This enabled them once again to send out across the nation children’s programs, marriage and family broadcasts, and in-depth Bible teaching so that listeners might find hope and help for their unique needs. WRL is impacting thousands, one individual at a time.

Written by Marla Bender

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