In God’s Hands

We have applied our hands toward something new. We are rolling out the third generation of the SonSet® radio, and we are excited about the new possibilities this will provide in the advance of the gospel.

For the past 16 years, over 76,000 SonSet radios have been proclaiming words of hope from Christian radio stations on six continents. In an effort to make the Bible available in the heart language of the people, particularly those in oral cultures, ministries began requesting radios paired with an audio player.

Development of a fifth model radio – the MB-3 – began in 2018 and went through six different iterations before it met our design and functionality standards. It boasts all of the features and reliability of its predecessor – rugged, solar-powered, fixed-tuned, and programmable in up to nine different frequencies in any combination of AM, FM and shortwave.

Now, it has a built-in audio player which will allow the addition of an audio Bible and other Christian content in the native language of a people group. The content is contained on a security-protected, micro-SD card and features bookmarking which allows users to pick up where they left off or easily navigate to other passages.

We are finally ready to begin production; however, our biggest challenge lies before us. There is a worldwide microchip shortage which is not only affecting industries such as automobiles and computers but is directly impacting the manufacturing of our SonSet radios. warns that the global chip shortage could last until 2023.

We have several large orders for radios. Please pray for God to provide the chips necessary to get these into production and delivered to the ministries asking for them. This situation may be out of our hands, but we know it is still in God’s.

Written by Erica Simone, July 2021

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