Inspire a Child

In the summer months, churches across the United States welcome children to Vacation Bible School (VBS), a program that runs deeper than just a week of activities. VBS has been instrumental in teaching countless young hearts the things of God.

This year, three churches in various parts of the country utilized one of three SonSet Solutions’ technologies to emphasize missions during their VBS programs – SonSet® radios, SonSetLink® monitors, or Solar Ministry Toolkits. Children learned how these tools address critical needs in developing countries, improving daily living conditions, while opening the door for the advancement of the gospel. One of the churches posted on Facebook, “Our 4th and 5th graders visited their facility in Elkhart last night to see firsthand how they’re making a global impact.”

The impact that missions education can have on youth cannot be underestimated. Dan, a member of our IT team, was inspired as a child to serve in missions. He recalled, “When I was ten years old, I attended a summer camp and listened to a missionary from Africa share captivating stories about her work. This presentation left a profound impact on me, impressing upon me the importance of sharing the gospel.” Now working in IT at SonSet Solutions, Dan ensures the smooth operation of our internal network and website, supporting others in their projects. He added, “Although I was young, I became convinced that spreading the gospel to the whole world was more important than anything else.”

We never know how sharing God’s heart for the nations might impact a child and even inspire the direction of his or her life. If your church would like to inspire children and adults alike and help them be part of the advancement of the gospel through technology, we have resources to help you do that. Reach out to us for more information by emailing

By Sydney Scotford and Erica Simone, July 2024

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