Current Internship Positions

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Engage with our media team to produce videos whose ultimate purpose is to help advance God’s work and bring transformation to people’s lives. Whether in the field or in our fully-equipped production studio, our goal is to produce engaging, focused, and deliberate videos that tell the story of what we see God doing. Check out our YouTube channel to see some of our work.

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Creative software design and development is at the heart of our technology, and is essential to our ministry efforts in a world where devices are becoming increasingly more powerful and interconnected. Our SonSetLink® technology for water and power system monitoring provides opportunity for software development internships in:

Frontend & Web Applications - develop the appearance, interactivity, and workflow of the SonSetLink websites used daily by our ministry partners and staff.

Backend & Database Applications – develop the structure, internal logic and flow of data within the SonSetLink platforms, the infrastructure crucial to sustaining the ministry of our partners around the world.

Embedded Applications – develop edge device embedded software for gathering and transmitting water and power related data in a reliable and efficient manner across satellite and cellular networks in remote locations.

Mobile Applications - develop the appearance, interactivity, and workflow of the SonSetLink mobile app. Expand the feature set to benefit maintenance teams who visit the well sites.

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Innovative and reliable electrical design and development is at the core of many of our technology-based solutions. These enable us to meet the unique ministry requirements of our partners. Electrical engineering interns apply electrical/electronic hardware and embedded software design and other creative skills to the development of these solutions. This may include technology research; hardware design, prototype implementation and testing; embedded software development; hardware and software integration and testing; and systems support and maintenance.

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Our Communications/Public Relations department tells the stories and creates the communications that attract new and seasoned friends to the ministry. Interns assist in the creation and organization of these communication pieces, to engage the public and provide opportunities for them to join our prayer and financial support team. We are looking for interns with skills in writing, graphic design, and social media.

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You can be part of assisting radio ministries around the world with support and development of their stations.  Broadcast engineering interns apply a wide range of engineering skills to assist with the design, development, fabrication, maintenance and installation of radio transmission systems including studios, transmitters, antennas and power systems.  Work side by side with experienced broadcast engineers on coverage studies, appropriate equipment selection, antenna fabrication and transmitter troubleshooting. 

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Solid mechanical design and development is essential to many of our technology-based solutions, and enables us to meet the unique requirements of our ministry partners. Mechanical engineering interns apply mechanical and system design and other creative skills to the development of these solutions. This may include research, component and system design, prototype implementation and testing, system support as well as parts fabrication in our extensive machine shop.

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For summer 2024:

  • Early application window closes November 30, 2023.
  • Final application deadline is February 28, 2024.
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