It Begins with a SnapShot

Funding Development isn’t just about meeting our annual campaign goal. It’s about building relationships. It’s about introducing people to SonSet Solutions and the things God is doing around the world. That relationship often begins with a “SnapShot.”

SnapShot is an opportunity for our friends to hear stories of how God is using our technology-based solutions to further the spread of the gospel. It is also a great opportunity for them to introduce their friends to SonSet Solutions, because SnapShot is not a fundraising event. Instead, we encourage people to get connected to us by joining our mailing list where they will continue to read inspiring stories of how technology is solving today’s ministry challenges.

We recently held our very first virtual SnapShot event. One of our board members invited a number of her friends to join us for the evening as Doug Weber, Tim Yazel, and David Palmer shared a brief snapshot of how radio stations, SonSet® radios and SonSetLink™ monitoring technologies are helping our partners share the gospel. David Russell wrapped things up with an interactive time of questions and answers and an invitation to stay connected to SonSet Solutions in the future.

We have presented a number of these events in live gatherings in the last few years in Indiana and our surrounding states. However, the wide familiarity with the video conferencing tool “Zoom,” as a result of the pandemic shutdown, has opened the door for expanding our opportunities into this virtual environment. To be sure, we are still learning how to create meaningful relationships using this new medium, but the thought of being able to offer SnapShot to groups on the west coast, in the deep south, or on the northern plains is spurring us on to further develop an expertise in this area. Of course, in-person SnapShots will also be available once larger social gatherings become commonplace again. If you are interested in hosting a SnapShot for your friends, write to

Written by Doug Weber

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