Kinney, Jack and Alysia

Jack and Alysia met at the University of Cincinnati through the ministry of Cru. They were encouraged early on to consider serving the Lord as missionaries overseas. Alysia studied nursing, and Jack initially was a music student and later studied electrical engineering technology. Early in their marriage they took a short-term mission trip as youth leaders to Haiti and soon after discussed the possibility of a career change to full-time ministry. Many years (and children) later, the reoccurring theme of serving overseas was still on their hearts. After the birth and medical challenges with Jesse, their youngest, the Lord opened doors allowing them to serve at the HCJB Global Technology Center in Elkhart, Indiana.

Today the center is the independent ministry called SonSet Solutions. Jack has been a good fit to assist with radio planting and support, and he also oversees the Media Solutions department. The media effort of SonSet Solutions can produce promotional and evangelical content but is focused on ensuring traditional broadcasters have the tools and know-how to also present the Gospel message on internet based platforms. Alysia homeschools and has graduated their oldest. She is also an excellent writer and public speaker.

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