Benedict, Jeff and Jackie

Jeff and Jackie have been with SonSet Solutions since 2010 and serve at mission headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. Jeff assists ministries around the world that want to build small FM Community/Christian radio stations to reach their neighbors for Christ. He and his coworkers provide technical and engineering assistance and help our partner ministries from the very beginning of the project to going on-air. They then provide long term maintenance and troubleshooting assistance. Jeff and his teammates also continue to design and build the SonSetLink™ – a satellite-based monitoring system for wells in remote areas. Ministries can now use the Internet anywhere in the world to check on the status of their water pumps in remote areas.

Jackie volunteers part time in the multimedia department to create promotional and trip report videos and helps maintain SonSet Solutions’ central photo database.

Jeff and Jackie have four children, Mikey, Sarah, Ollie and David.

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