Fiet, Jonathan and Susan

Jonathan Fiet serves as Chief Financial Officer at SonSet Solutions and began his service with us in January 2015. Jonathan has worked in a variety of industry settings including General Electric and OmniSource in Indiana as well as ministry settings in the Netherlands and Cary, North Carolina with Trans World Radio.

Susan, in addition to being a homemaker, has written and recorded dozens of radio programs for Memcare by Radio.

Jonathan and Susan were attracted to SonSet Solutions by their radio ministry and by the opportunity to live closer to parents and children. Reaching the lost by radio is close to their heart and they are glad to be able to carry on the type of ministry they were involved in with TWR for nearly 10 years. The Fiets have three children, Christy (and Aaron) Ihnen, Benjamin (and Heather) Fiet, and Alexander and one grandchild Theodore “Teddy” Ihnen.

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