Just Say “Yes!”

I’ve wondered how I could get my family involved in Christian missions. Well, missionaries with SonSet Solutions visited our church and invited everyone to volunteer to test and prep a batch of solar-powered radios that are tuned to receive only the Christian radio stations in the particular country to which they are sent. The ministry was only 10 miles away, so we said “Yes” and signed up.

When my wife, three young boys and I showed up at SonSet Solutions, we joined fellow church members around a makeshift “assembly line.“  Everyone was given a task – some tested radio reception, state of charge, and button function; another checked solar charge function; others added an instruction booklet, packaged and boxed the units… 300 in all headed for Burkina Faso.  My children enjoyed the idea of being part of an assembly line. We had a sense of satisfaction knowing we had helped in a small way with a project that has life-changing and eternal implications.

Afterwards we took a tour of the facilities. Wow! There are a lot of people working here (50) and a lot more projects than just radios – computers that fit on remote water wells which tell ministries when maintenance is needed, deep well-pump equipment being made in the machine shop, a video recording studio and solar-powered phone chargers that draw people to churches.  We also learned about SonSet Solutions’ 34-year history in missions.

What started out as a simple “Yes” to a volunteer activity allowed our whole family to experience the joy of helping spread the gospel and taught us much about how a team of diverse and highly-skilled people just a few miles away are developing and using technology to meet human needs and expand Christ’s kingdom around the world. God’s Word says, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) and “…continue to remember the poor…”(Galatians 2:10).  SonSet Solutions has a skilled and dedicated team that is doing just that.

Written by Steve Kuhn

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