Lives Given 100%

An invitation from SonSet Solutions opened the door for Vince Wilson, a 20-year-old IT specialist and apps programmer to head to Burkina Faso, Africa, as a volunteer worker. SonSet Solutions’ team of five went to help our partner Radio Évangile Développement create a strategy for using mobile devices to increase the reach of their radio station network. Vince went to explore the potential for mobile ministry from a technical standpoint, but God had much more to teach him.

In a poor country even by West African standards, Vince saw station managers aware of their own personal financial constraints, but entirely given to the work God had called them to. Although they worked a full week, they were not able to receive a full-week’s pay. Most of the staff were not able to receive any kind of remuneration at all but worked as volunteers. Vince recalls, “At times, their eyes showed signs of pain and fear about the future, about being unable to meet the needs of their families, but they chose to put their trust in God. They were 100% given to Christ, and fulfilling His work, and trusting that God would work everything out.” Vince came away understanding that, although the world pushes the pursuit of financial security, and even calls it foolish for those who don’t, giving up everything for Christ is true wisdom. Vince was deeply impacted. “It was an amazing trip!” he said.

Since Vince’s return, he has reoriented his life. He is prayerfully seeking the Lord and His direction, researching church planting opportunities, longer term service in Africa, and possibly additional work in Burkina Faso. Vince is learning French, and focusing on what it means to really love people. He is also continuing to pour himself into the work that God has called him to locally – serving the homeless in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Grateful for the privilege and opportunities provided to him by the Lord through SonSet Solutions, Vince is faithfully continuing on his own journey of being given to Christ 100%. SonSet Solutions is blessed to have been a part of his life.

Written by Helen Braun

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