Losing Life or Limb for Water?

We simply go to our sinks and turn on a faucet to get our daily supply of drinking water. But what if your daily trek to get this vital resource put you at risk of losing life or limb? This was the grim reality for the few hundred students at Lorubae Primary School in Kenya. Each day before school, the students would walk to a local river to fill a plastic jug with drinking water for the day. In one year two students were killed, two lost limbs, and four others were injured at the river by crocodiles.

In the fall of 2012, one of our partners, Zoe Waters, installed a clean water well and solar pump system for the school, making clean water safely accessible to the students and the surrounding community. One relieved student exclaimed, “At last we shall not be eaten by the crocodiles!”

In order to keep the water flowing, SonSet Solutions developed a device that monitors the daily function of water wells and collects data that can indicate when the well needs maintenance or repair. This vital information is accessible to our partners anywhere in the world via the Internet. In 2016, Zoe Waters installed one of our monitoring systems on the well at the Lorubae school. This enables them to maintain the well system effectively, ensuring the school and community never again go without clean—and safe—water.

The Zoe Waters organization consists of a group of Christian men and women who are passionate about spreading the gospel to unreached people groups. They believe that providing the basic need of clean water can open the door to relationships that lead to opportunities to share the gospel. Solar-powered audio Bibles called the Treasure are often distributed at well sites. Pairing clean water with Living Water doubles the life-giving impact.

SonSet Solutions is blessed to work with partners like Zoe Waters to provide technology-based solutions that advance the gospel in Kenya and worldwide.

Adapted by Marla Bender from http://zoewaters.org/our-story/ and http://zoewaters.org/success-stories/

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