Hess, Luke

  • Ministry Support Level


Luke Hess is completing his junior year studying software engineering at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is from Telford, Pennsylvania. Luke wants to serve as a summer intern with SonSet Solutions to engage in technical work that advances the gospel worldwide. It also gives him a unique opportunity to pursue on-the-job spiritual and professional growth, while working in a missions context. Luke will assist with the research and development of equipment and solutions to meet the real-world needs of our ministry partners.

He shares that, “Last year, when I switched my major to software engineering, I knew that software development is what I would like to do, but I also knew that I wanted to use it to help people, not just for a profit or selfish gain like most people nowadays. As soon as I heard about the monitors that are placed on water pumps, which give real-time access to data around the world, I was very interested in SonSet Solutions because of how directly connected the software is to the problems that exist. That is why I think an opportunity to serve with SonSet Solutions would be extraordinary, as I would gain knowledge and experience while knowing that my work is directly helping those around the world.”

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