Maximizing Our Kingdom Impact

We have come a long way. Five years ago we were just beginning to toddle as an independent ministry organization. Because the support structure we had depended on for so long was no longer there, we needed to rapidly develop our skills in areas such as human resources, accounting, communications and ministry funding. We had the unique distinction of being old, yet new; of already having 29 years of technology-based ministry under our belt, and yet unseasoned when it came to having full responsibility for our own operations.

2015 was the year we became SonSet Solutions.

David Russell, president of SonSet Solutions, shared these words a couple of years into our journey, “Technology is something that will never go away. It is increasing at a breathtaking rate. As long as we can hold on for the ride, the opportunities to harness technology for Kingdom purposes are simply going to become greater and greater. We have our work cut out for us.”

Our roots are in radio, which is still a big part of the work we do. We have helped establish hundreds of radio stations around the world and have sent tens of thousands of SonSet® radios to key locations. But, in the last five years, we have branched into new areas of technology. We developed our SonSetLink™ monitor to track the health of water systems in remote areas of the world. We created a Solar Media Center, a customizable unit that distributes biblical content in audio and visual formats to cell phones and other devices. We came up with an inexpensive quick-disconnect device that protects expensive electronic equipment from erratic power conditions that many of our global radio station partners live with daily. We are exploring renewable energy possibilities and continuing to assess the needs of ministries worldwide.

With today’s rapid growth of technology and a shifting global scene, it is more urgent than ever that we identify solutions that are relevant and promise significant impact in the advance of the gospel. We seek more people with this mindset who will join our team and help us remain fruitful into the future.

So, hold on for the ride. The opportunities are increasing. We invite you to be a part of what God is doing around the world. Together we can maximize our kingdom impact.

Written by Erica Simone

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