More Than a Voice

Imagine 24 choirs coming together to sing praises to the Lord! Imagine six new churches begun in just six years, all due to the influence of a Christian radio station in Tabora, Tanzania. Radio Uhai receives cell phone calls and texts every day, indicating that listeners are attracted by the programs. People who are coming to Christ are joining churches saying they heard the gospel on the radio.

Radio Uhai (meaning “life” in Swahili) first began broadcasting six years ago with the aim of providing spiritual and physical services through the Word of God. This Swahili Christian radio station airs Christian music, inspiring Bible teaching, and local programs, as well as programming for women and children. They also educate the community on a wide range of social and developmental issues.

As part of their six-year celebration, Radio Uhai partnered with local medical professionals to provide free health screening to check for blood pressure, heart, bone, diabetes, and respiratory problems. Of the 261 people tested, all who were diagnosed with problems received treatment.

People can access the live radio app and listen on their smartphone, tablet, computer, or on a plain-old radio! The Uhai store offers Christian books, Bibles, hymnbooks, T-shirts, DVDs, and music CDs. A podcast is also available.

SonSet Solutions was privileged to provide all the electronic equipment for this station, including a transmitter, broadcast antenna, and various other pieces for the small studio. Working together with managing director, Deusdedith Kanunu, the station went on the air in April 2017, with the aim of “Reaching Tanzania with the Word of God.” They are certainly off to a solid start as, through the radio, people in Tanzania are growing “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

By Barb Anderson, June 2023

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