My Sweet UPS Driver

God sometimes blesses in unexpected ways. Karen and her husband, Jeff, were excited to be able to hand-carry suitcases full of equipment from SonSet Solutions to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This was a critical shipment for upgrading Radio Kahuzi’s studio equipment from analog to digital. Radio Kahuzi is a Christian radio station that has been broadcasting the gospel from Bukavu since 1992. The station ministers to a potential listening audience of three million people.

Karen knew that the packages from SonSet Solutions were due to arrive on a particular day, but she could not seem to log on to the UPS site to leave her signature. She had many errands to run to get ready for the big trip but knew her boys would be home to accept the packages. Karen shared, “Of course, my boys go and hide in their rooms so when I arrive home, I see the dreaded little note on my door.” But when she looked down the street and saw that the UPS truck was still in the neighborhood, she decided to chase it down. She pulled up to the truck, rolled down her window and yelled, “Hey, excuse me, any chance you just tried to deliver four big boxes to 613?” The UPS man replied, “Why, yes I did! Why don’t you pull your truck over and I’ll load them into the back!”

Karen told him she was taking the boxes on a mission trip to Rwanda and the Congo. He told her that he too had been on a mission trip to Kenya. He asked if he could pray for her. Karen exclaimed, “And he does — in the middle of my street, praying for our trip and for what good these boxes are going to do.”

Karen was so touched; she had been nervous about the trip, but kept saying, “Yes, Lord!” She added, “Today, the Lord answered me, in my sweet UPS driver.”

The new digital studio equipment has led to greater outreach in the DRC, which has been especially timely during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Written by Ruth Weber

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