New Friends for Eternity

I had heard about this place for decades, but I had never visited it – until recently. It sits along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, south of Muskegon, and has a longstanding reputation for excellent Bible teaching, supporting missions and providing families a vacation with purpose. In 2020, the Maranatha Bible and Missions Conference invited SonSet Solutions to be the featured mission organization for week eight of their summer program. Attendance at the conference was down from previous years, as one would expect, but that did not dim the spirit of those who travelled from several mid-western states to attend.

Each morning began with a walk to the prayer tower. We gave these committed souls the opportunity to pray for the ministry of SonSet Solutions and two radio stations, Radio Lilanguka in Malawi and Radio Evangelica in Guinea-Bissau. We also had the privilege of praying for the needs of the others who gathered with us.

During the morning and evening Bible teaching sessions, led by Pastor Mark Vroegop and Dr. Erwin Lutzer respectively, we gradually unfolded the story of each radio station and the impact they are having in their communities. We ended the week with an invitation to fund SonSet® radios for both Radio Lilanguka and Radio Evangelica.

The response was overwhelming as attendees gave generously toward the radios. More importantly, many relationships were formed as these new friends showed a genuine interest in how technology can be used to solve today’s ministry challenges. Gatherings around our display table, in the dining hall, or at the beach gave ample opportunity to deepen each new friendship.

In the end, we are able to send SonSet radios to both radio ministries so they can tell their listening audiences, the majority of whom are unreached people groups, about the love of Jesus. And the new relationships we began? They will last for eternity.

Written by Doug Weber

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