Out of Our Hands

“It’s working, but we wish it didn’t have to.” That’s not something you hear every day. But, in the case of a power protection device, it’s only needed when something else goes wrong Power fluctuations, common in the developing world, can damage sensitive equipment. A power protection device senses these power surges and can safeguard radio transmitters, computers and the like before damage occurs. Ideally, a protection device, custom-made for Radio Morava by SonSet Solutions engineers, should only rarely have to take action

Established in 2015, Radio Morava has been broadcasting with great passion the good news of Christ to rural Honduras. Frequent power surges have plagued the station from the beginning. This is where SonSet Solutions stepped in.

Missionary engineers Tim Zook and Charlie Jacobson traveled to the coastal town of Puerto Lempira, Honduras, home of Radio Morava. The staff was eager for them to address their power issues. Shortly after the successful installation of the power protection device, a surge put it to the test. The device did as it was designed and didn’t allow the high-voltage power through to the equipment, but shut it down promptly.

Charlie and Tim witnessed several more of these episodes. This opened their eyes to how serious the power problem truly was. The station was spending more time off the air than on.

Unfortunately, some solutions are out of our hands – the answer to this problem is with the local power company. Pray for the staff at Radio Morava as they interact with this company to come up with a plan that will enable them to maintain a consistent supply of power and eliminate the damaging surges. Meanwhile, SonSet Solutions will continue to offer Radio Morava consultation and support until that plan is instituted.

Written by Emily Hall

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