Overcoming Geographical and Cultural Challenges

“Africa in miniature.” This is a common designation for one country in West Africa. Cameroon includes all the major climates and vegetation found on the continent: beaches, deserts, mountains, savannas and rainforests. About the size of California, this geographically and culturally diverse nation encompasses 250 different language groups.

It is difficult bringing biblical truth to a nation where diverse religious beliefs exist when navigation from one region to another is arduous and language barriers exist within its borders.

These challenges didn’t hinder Dr. Donald and Betty Hocking who began the Cameroon Biblical Seminary in the 1980s. Today, Grace Bible Mission has become the mission board of the Cameroon Biblical Seminary, Grace Bible Churches of Cameroon (a fellowship of 80 churches), and a Christian medical clinic.

Nathan Steele, U.S. director for Grace Bible Mission, shares, “Our mission at Cameroon Biblical Seminary is to prepare men to teach the Bible cover to cover, chapter and verse.” It is at this seminary where SonSet Solutions helped to establish Radio Grace. The goal of the station is to preach the gospel and teach the word of God in native languages. Broadcasts include morning and evening devotions, preaching and teaching programs, a seminary program that features students, a Q&A program that answers listener’s questions, a children’s program and a women’s health program.

Nathan shares, “We have several … churches in the listening area. Many people are showing up at our churches who tell us they have come because of the radio station.” He adds, “We have been encouraged from all of the feedback we have received from the listening audience.”

The foundation of God’s Word is taking root and the challenges that once made the spread of the gospel difficult are being overcome. Radio is helping to expedite that work.

Written by Erica Simone

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