Part of Something Greater

“I am part of something greater than myself.” What a huge blessing it is to be able to say this with confidence. I am part of something greater. As an electrical engineering student, I am often thinking of ways to improve a product or a system for the benefit of myself or others. As a Christian I am often considering God’s plan for me and my specific abilities. God led me to a place this summer where both of my desires were clearly met. SonSet Solutions provided me with an incredible learning and growing experience. I was presented with a new challenge every day seeking to solve technical problems. With the help of experienced engineers, I was able to walk through these issues and serve ministry partners with the work. I used new tools and broadened my skills in assembly, testing, firmware, and design.

SonSet Solutions provides so much more than an enjoyable work experience; it provides a community. When I think of SonSet Solutions, I see faces of men and women who love the Lord and who serve diligently. I think of all the homes I have been joyfully invited into and the number of meals I have enjoyed in good fellowship. I am blessed to call the other interns my friends, and we have learned so much from each other.

When I was initially exposed to the ministry at SonSet Solutions, I was hearing it out of the mouth of students from my university. Their stories of hands-on experience and service caught my attention. I am so blessed that God provided a way for me to be a part of this ministry. I am so blessed to be a part of something greater.

Written by Erin Trantham

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