Part of the Parade

I first became aware of HCJB, the former parent organization of SonSet Solutions, when I was in middle school. Dr. Ron Cline came to my church and spoke during our missions conference. I remember that he sat on the edge of the platform and asked if we wanted to watch the parade or be part of the parade. I definitely didn’t want to sit on the sidelines!

In my late 20’s, I was able to travel with HCJB and see some of the technology at work in Greece and Turkey. I was blown away when I saw the station in Istanbul that had been brought from Elkhart, Indiana, in two suitcases. Clearly God’s hand was in this work.

In 2006, I was still an engineer at General Motors, and I had worked on getting some donations for SonSet Solutions from General Motors. Eventually, I received the call to come and get my stuff from the plant. The fork truck driver found so many wonderful shelves and tool chests, in addition to other items, that we needed a second truck. God was in this!

When I took the job as the engineering professor at Bethel University in 2012, I knew my first field trip would be to SonSet Solutions. It is such a joy to let my students see what God is doing through technology. Many never considered that you could be an engineer and a missionary.

When David Russell contacted me and asked if I would consider serving on the board, I was thrilled and humbled. It is always amazing to hear what God is doing through SonSet Solutions and how he provides. It is a privilege to serve alongside godly men and women for the purpose of doing kingdom work.

By Sheri Campeau, November 2022

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