Power Quality Monitor

Many of SonSet Solutions’ international ministry partners, using sophisticated electronic equipment, are at risk of equipment damage due to unreliable electrical power. Imagine the frustration experienced by a Christian radio station or a mission hospital when their expensive equipment is destroyed in an instant by something so esoteric as the electricity coming from their outlets. Is the problem with their provider, with how they set up their facility, or due to the way their neighbor is using power next door?

During the summer of 2019, two interns, Maury Funez and Michael Dubisz, began the development of a solution – a low cost power quality monitor. This device will help visualize the abstract electrical power quality by measuring and recording specific properties of the electricity at a ministry location. This data will then be transmitted via the Internet to the team of engineers at SonSet Solutions. They, like a team of doctors, can examine the symptoms, write up a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment in the form of an affordable power quality solution tailored to a specific partner’s need. The power quality monitor is in the functional prototype phase, and plans are under way for their deployment. Soon they will be helping ministries overcome their electrical power quality problems, effectively increasing their reach into local communities.

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