Power Quality Monitor

The primary reason our partner ministry radio stations go off the air in developing countries is due to “dirty power” which results when abnormalities occur in the electricity supplied to a piece of equipment. Power that spikes too high or drops too low can damage the FM transmitters’ delicate electronics causing the broadcasts to go silent.

SonSet Solutions has been working on this problem and has taken the monitor portion of our Equipment Power Protection technology to come up with a solution. On a trip to Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, Republic of Congo, early in 2019, SonSet Solutions missionary Tom Scatliff installed a prototype unit that constantly measured and logged the public utility power and the hospital’s own generators over a certain length of time. It recorded all the spikes, dropouts, surges, or any other kind of dirty power that might damage sensitive electronics. Engineers back at SonSet Solutions can then analyze what the major power problems are for the hospital and the hospital’s Christian radio station, and tailor a power protection solution for them specifically geared to those power problems.

When this prototype is completed, it will be another valuable tool that SonSet Solutions can use to help our worldwide partner ministries be more effective in spreading the gospel to a lost and dying world!