Radio Light Shines Bright!

Friday nights in Fiji—what comes to mind? Perhaps tourists gathering after enjoying sunny beaches and tropical breezes. However, for one resident, Friday nights were a time to sit at home with his grandson, drinking a six-pack of beer, smoking cigarettes, and listening to the radio. Little did he know that one day, a radio program would change their lives forever.

As he opened his first beer one Friday night, he tuned his radio to Radio Light, a Christian radio station that broadcasts the gospel in Fiji. According to Doug Rose from Radio Light, as the man kept listening, “the Holy Spirit came down on him … and [he was] sitting there, and after a while he stood up and said, ‘Yes!’” He never drank that first beer. Instead, he took his six-pack of beer and poured it down the drain, and then took his carton of cigarettes and threw it over the fence. Using Radio Light programming, the Holy Spirit transformed his and his grandson’s hearts and lives as they trusted and followed Christ.  A year later, he went with his grandson to a fundraiser to donate to Radio Light. There they shared their stories with Doug.

SonSet Solutions has worked with Radio Light and Doug Rose since the 1990s.  At the time, he was a carpenter who knew little about radio, and did not have the funds necessary to start a radio station. SonSet Solutions provided him with equipment and continuing technical expertise and training to start Radio Light. Over the years, Radio Light has expanded to three stations, broadcasting in three languages. God continues to use Radio Light to change lives through the gospel, reaching people where they live and work in Fiji.

By Sandra Shortt, October 2023

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