Rise Up!

“Imela! Obrigado! Merci! Gracias! Thank you!” A chorus of 6,000 voices rang out in worship, thanking God joyfully in each language.

Urbana 2022 was a powerful conference primarily made up of young adults, many of whom were passionate about God’s mission for the world and eager to discover where they fit. From multicultural worship to Bible studies to sessions and seminars to exhibitions from various ministries, attendees had the opportunity to explore the vast opportunities available for them to advance the Kingdom of God.

Many individuals in attendance were in the midst of pondering their futures and seeking God’s direction for their lives. They were challenged to consider serving God in new and meaningful ways, with some even deciding to serve Jesus by giving their hearts to him for the very first time! 

The conference facilitated a unique experience for every attendee by allowing them to choose between seminars across a wide range of disciplines, giving them the opportunity to explore ministry organizations in their particular areas of interest, and even offering the opportunity for some students to grow in leadership skills by being Bible study leaders. This resulted in a deeply impactful and relevant experience for each of the attendees.

This year, for the first time, SonSet Solutions had the opportunity to have a booth at Urbana. We had the chance to connect with many students on fire for Kingdom work and discuss the possibilities of them joining our team at SonSet Solutions.

It was a privilege to be part of a conference with people from such a broad spectrum of cultures and disciplines, many of whom made big decisions to “rise up” and follow Jesus wherever he was calling them, which was the theme of the conference this year. Urbana was a powerful reminder of the global mission of God, made possible through the outpouring of his Spirit, and how we at SonSet Solutions are a part of that mission.

By Bryan Jackson, February 2023

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