Small Package — Big Impact

SonSet® radios are delivering God’s word to some of the most remote places on earth. Mamoud Marah, Director of Radio Shalom in Sierra Leone, reports, “The distribution of the solar radios has created a big impact in the community. [It] has turned the face of the [ministry] into a community approach.” Mamoud continues, “It is indeed great and wonderful news to be bringing the good tiding to the people of Sierra Leone.”

Radio Shalom 89.5 FM is located in the northern region of this West African country where Christians and Muslims coexist peacefully. As a result, Mamoud has distributed radios to inmates in a local prison, the principal of a blind school, the Education Secretary of Christian schools, the head of the Muslim council of Imams, the chairperson for the Christian council of pastors, and several listeners who identify as Muslim, but are learning about the teachings of Jesus.

Listeners are calling and texting the radio station to express their thankfulness for the donors who made it possible for them to receive a SonSet radio. As a result, radios are moving around the community, hanging from the necks of listeners. Mamoud approached one man entering a mosque with his radio. When asked why he was taking his radio to Muslim prayers, he said, “This is my companion. I love it so much, and I enjoy listening to Radio Shalom because they are telling us about salvation. I like listening to those teachings and gospel songs, and I am excited that I now have my own radio set. It’s good!”

Mamoud says that after distributing the radios he has come to realize several things: They reduce the burden of buying batteries and radios for Shalom radio listeners; they are expanding the listenership of the station; they are bringing a greater coordination between the Christian and Muslim communities; and souls are being won for Christ.

Written by Doug Weber, April 2021

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