Sometimes We Drink It Straight!

Think of serving mud water to friends who come to your door at 1:30 in the morning to mourn with you the sudden passing of a loved one. In a native culture of Peru where SonSet Solutions’ president, David Russell, recently visited, one must offer coffee to all who come to pay their respects. There is no time to let the silt settle to the bottom of the water bucket that your children have just filled at the river’s edge. David sat attentively as the villagers of Mushuck Llacta gathered at the community center to tell of their constant plight. The dirty Huallaga River is their only source of water for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing clothes.

We do not drill wells or provide filtration, but we have a growing network of friends who do. Once the water source is established, our technology at SonSet Solutions helps to keep this clean water flowing. It is a way to meet dire human needs with the compassion of Christ and also to open doors for the message of hope and new life through the Lord Jesus. SonSet Solutions is actively sharing the details of this particular situation in Peru and hoping to collaborate so the people of Mushuck Llacta can someday enjoy clean water.

The main purpose of David’s trip to Peru was to help restore Radio Logos, a broadcast station that SonSet Solutions helped establish in 2012. They carry Bible-based programming in 12 of the region’s native languages. A direct lightning strike destroyed the antenna system. David and some coworkers were able to successfully make the repairs and restore the broadcasts.

The Amazon Basin is replete with hardships. For some villagers, it feels like access to clean water will never be possible. However, with your help, progress is being made on other fronts. Many people in isolated areas are now hearing God’s word in their own language over their solar-powered SonSet® radios. The signal they pick up comes from Radio Logos.

David now has a greater understanding of the water needs and looks forward to ways in which SonSet Solutions can provide further assistance for the sake of the gospel.

Written by David Russell, April 2022

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