Strengthening a Spiritual Signal

For the Navajo Nation, poverty, unemployment and loneliness are a part of daily life for many people, so the three Christian radio stations run by Across Nations are a source of hope and connection. However, their AM station in Tuba City, Arizona, had been experiencing some interference from an adjacent station, particularly at night. A local pastor shared a story about a man who drove up the nearby mountain every evening so that he could catch the distant FM waves from Window Rock.

In December of 2020, Tim and Renee Zook from SonSet Solutions traveled to Tuba City to make the signal clearer. Among other projects, their intent was to install a new FM radio station transmitter and antenna at the same site. Although this region often experiences snowstorms, God safely brought the Zooks to their destination and provided good weather for the installation. The Lord also provided cooperation from a local power company to set up the antenna. After Tim and his friend, Terry Cowan, connected the antenna, the power company prepared to place the pole. Tim explained that this needed to be handled very carefully to prevent damage to the antenna. “While all this was going on, I was praying like crazy,” he said. By God’s grace, the installation went smoothly, with no harm to the antenna.

In addition, God also sent some extra hands to help. Several Navajo pastors stopped by to see the work, and one even went home to get his tools so he could assist. Renee commented, “It was neat to see him work on the project and ‘own’ it.” Many of these pastors travel from other areas of the reservation to provide specific programming for Tuba City on Sunday mornings. They were very excited about the potential to reach the city more clearly. In His providence, the Lord allowed the installation to happen a week before Christmas so that people could hear holiday music and messages of hope in Christ. Thanks to God’s provision, the man who drove up the mountain can now listen to God’s Word in his home.

Written by Lauren Williams, February 2021

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