Sweeter Than Honey

Sweeter than honey in the honeycomb, indeed! The Word of God can now be heard in this town that is famous for the honey it produces. Radio Uhai FM broadcasts from Tabora in western Tanzania reaching perhaps a quarter of a million listeners. Radio programming features gospel music and teaching from the Word of God in the Swahili language.

Khadija, who was spiritually lost, was sick in bed. He listened to the radio to fill the quiet hours. Hearing a pastor on Radio Uhai, he picked up his phone to request prayer and healing. The pastor prayed for Khadija live on the air and the next day he felt much better! Amazed at what he had heard and seen, he immediately went to the pastor’s church and gave his life to Christ.

Magreth, a Christian, was concerned about her unbelieving children. A pastor on Radio Uhai encouraged her to begin fervently praying for them. One month later the children began listening to the radio with her and asked to go to church where they accepted Christ and were baptized.

People who are coming to Christ are joining churches and saying they heard the gospel on the radio. Now approaching their second anniversary, Radio Uhai receives 300-plus cell phone calls and texts every day, indicating that listeners are attracted by the programs. People can access the “live radio app” and listen on their smartphone, tablet, computer or on a plain-old radio! Podcasts are also available.

SonSet Solutions was privileged to provide all the electronic equipment needed for this station, including a transmitter, a broadcast antenna, and various other pieces for the small studio. Working together with managing director, Deusdedith Kanunu, the station went on the air in April 2017 with the goal of “Reaching Tanzania with the Word of God.” This sweet message is making that easy.

Written by Emily Hall

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