Miller, Ted and Jean

Ted uses his skills and experience in radio station technical operations to support Christian radio stations outside the USA.  That support takes the form of:

  • Technical consulting: Helping radio stations make technical decisions as they plan a station, apply for a license, put the station on the air, repair broken equipment and make upgrades to their equipment.
  • On-site equipment repair and installation: Traveling to work with radio stations to help them install new equipment or diagnose and repair problems with their existing equipment.
  • System design: When ministry partners have setups that are more complicated than average, Ted ensures that all the pieces will be in place and work together.
  • Equipment design: When SonSet Solutions, Inc., cannot buy needed equipment, we build it ourselves. Ted has been involved in some of these projects, especially the low-power shortwave transmitter.
  • Resource person: Ted also serves as a resource to less experienced personnel at SonSet Solutions, Inc.

Jean works as a bookkeeper in the accounting department, keeping up with the many financial transactions needed to facilitate the equipment shipments and other support that SonSet Solutions, Inc., gives to hundreds of radio stations.

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