The Height of God’s Love in the Depths of the Canyon

The Cotahuasi Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world and has some of the most rugged country on earth. At its deepest point, the canyon cuts roughly 11,560 feet into the earth which is over twice the depth of the Grand Canyon. Peaks as high as 20,000 feet above sea level create a dramatic contrast. Amazingly, there are over 40 villages scattered throughout the canyon, some accessible only by hiking or horseback. “How are we to share the gospel with them? How are we to encourage those who are responding?”

These were questions posed by Brad and Gina Shaw, missionaries with SIM as they sought to minister to the Quechua people of Cotahuasi Canyon in southern Peru.

Finding solutions to hard questions is what SonSet Solutions is all about. With equipment and technical support from our center, Radio Senda Cristiana started broadcasting the good news of Jesus Christ to the canyon’s remote Quechua communities in 2008. Distributions of SonSet® radios ensured that previously unreached villagers had access to the life-changing messages.

“Many living in the remote highlands are unable to read well enough to study the Bible and understand the Scriptures on their own,” the Shaws explain. “Hearing God’s Word faithfully presented … on the radio is helping many.” They also state that those who have no church, or are reluctant to attend church, can listen to the radio in their homes where the Holy Spirit and God’s Word can soften their hearts to the gospel.

In a place so rugged that missionaries and national pastors could only visit a few times a year, radio is delivering Bible teaching every day. Isolated and spiritually hungry people are hearing the good news and responding. The Shaws report, “Through the ministry of SonSet Solutions we receive technical help, resources and training to enable us to develop and continue on the air.”

Written by Marla Bender

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