Mason, Tim and Beth

While a student at LeTourneau University, Tim realized the priority of making God’s Word available to people all around the world.  During spring break, he visited SonSet Solutions and saw how technology is used to reach people near and far with new life in Jesus Christ.  Following the Lord by faith, Tim entered ministry shortly after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

As a member of the Community Development Team, Tim equips community development ministries to provide reliable access to clean water and proclaim the Living Water.  He actively maintains the SonSetLink® data platform and ensures the data gathered by remote monitoring units is accessible and meaningful for partner ministries.  Additionally, Tim mentors college students who work on projects with SonSet Solutions, preparing them to serve the Lord with their education in engineering.

Tim met Beth while serving in northern Indiana and they married in November 2015.  Beth is a musician at heart and enjoys glorifying the Lord with her flute.  Her greatest joy is caring for and playing with their children.  Tim and Beth pray that God will continue to draw people to faith in Jesus Christ through the outreach of SonSet Solutions and partner ministries.

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