Transforming Families

Belize, a Central American country nicknamed “the Jewel of the Caribbean,” is known for its variety of distinct cultures. The geography boasts pristine beaches, lush rain forests, and rainbow-colored reefs; however, something has been creating fractures in this gem of the Caribbean, namely, the breakdown of the family.

Burdened by the need for stronger marriages and families, Belizean nationals Richard and Rosa Smith started the first Christian radio station in Belize in the early 1990s – My Refuge Christian Radio. Their goal was to provide quality teaching that addressed family issues. Today, My Refuge operates two radio stations and provides counseling services and a retreat center as a place for restoration.

Richard and Rosa have worked with Belizeans facing more than just marriage struggles. Drug and alcohol addiction has also been an issue. One day, a thin, young man came to them ready to change his life. He was illiterate and addicted to drugs. Richard invested in this young Belizean – mentoring him and adding him to the staff to help with the grounds keeping. During this time, he learned to read and write and was later given an opportunity to work at the radio station. By the time he left My Refuge, he had married and was hired at a Christian television station in the capital city, Belmopan.

SonSet Solutions has been privileged to come alongside Richard and Rosa through the years providing the technical expertise they need to keep their radio stations running. Recently, one of SonSet Solutions’ technicians and his wife, Alan and Sarah Good, were able to visit the stations and check the equipment, making some modifications and recommendations.

Richard and Rosa believe, “A strong family will develop a strong nation.” My Refuge is making a difference, and transformation is happening, one family at a time.

Written by Erica Simone, January 2022

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