Trimming the Trek

“Will you take my phone too? It’s almost dead. I’ll watch your goats for you.”

“It’s a deal. I’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning.”

Up before dawn, Zahara (of the nomadic Samburu tribe, recognized by their colorful beaded collars) sets out across the north Kenyan desert – creating an umber cloud of dust in her wake. As the day matures, large drops of perspiration begin trickling down her back, but Zahara marches on, keeping a wary eye out for lurking predators.

“If only the charging station weren’t so far away,” she sighs.

*          *          *          *          *          *  

Thanks to the arrival of a portable SonSet Solutions Solar Ministry Toolkit (SMT), such a trek under the blazing desert sun has been narrowed down to a relatively short walk. David Gargule, a Kenyan pastor associated with African Inland Mission (AIM), is now equipped to go to his people – rather than waiting for them to come to him.

In November of 2023, Audio Scripture Ministries, a new ally to link up with SonSet Solutions, established a partnership in Kenya with AIM to reach nomadic pastoralists through audio Bible distribution, story-centric discipleship training, and leadership training for pastors, prison chaplains, and others.

The SMT provided to Pastor David aids this partnership by providing a public address system and the means to charge phones. In fact, at any given moment, two to three individuals can be found charging their phones while hearing the Scriptures being read in their heart language.

Practically speaking, the SMT-powered security lights have even deterred elephants from destroying the local pastor’s farm and church equipment; thus, allowing many facets of ministry to continue unhindered.

As a direct result of these combined tech-ministries, one local church has experienced a 67% increase in attendance.     

What a privilege it is to participate in reaching the uttermost parts of the earth.

By Jan Wismer, May 2024

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