Two Ministries – One Ultimate Mission

It is exciting to see how God is always at work, sometimes in unexpected ways! Recently, as SonSet Solutions sought to find an affordable way to ship SonSet® radios to Uganda, God prepared another local mission to answer that need.

Feed the Hungry is a local ministry “dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry around the world, empowering the church worldwide, and sharing the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.” They supply over 65,000 meals each day in Uganda. SonSet Solutions was invited to include radios in their Feed the Hungry shipment bound for Uganda.

Northern Uganda has become a land with more than a million South Sudanese refugees crossing the border seeking safety from the brutal civil war that has raged on for four years. Uganda has welcomed them, setting up refugee camps. Our partner radio station Usalama FM is proclaiming the gospel message in the camps in order to promote peace and unity among the various tribes. Many people have been influenced by the radio programs and Christian dramas. There has been a drop in violence and stealing as the message of hope is proclaimed. Martin Okudi, general manager of Radio Usalama FM, tells of two ladies, both dealing with visual impairments, who trekked for 10 kilometers on foot to request SonSet radios. The radio station has over 50 people visit the station each day requesting radios.

Feed the Hungry believes that if you provide a hot meal in a school setting, it allows the child to be more of a kid as well as continue their education, focusing on learning instead of getting basic needs met. SonSet radios share the message of their creator. Two ministries, with one Lord, seeking one ultimate mission – glorifying God through meeting needs and sharing His gospel message of peace, love, and reconciliation!

Written by Christy Stephens

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