Unified for a Purpose

I don’t have to describe the current political climate here in the U.S. to highlight how divisive we are. I had a different experience last year where many gathered for the sixth annual Africa by Radio (AbR) continental convention in Nairobi, Kenya.

 “AbR” Media is a body of Christian broadcasters unified by an agreed strategy supporting God’s plan for Africa. They are committed to seeing that every man, woman, and child in Africa is provided the opportunity to turn on a radio and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way and language that they can understand so they can become a responsible member of His Church. It was amazing to see the attendees worshipping together despite the varied cultural, national, political, and tribal backgrounds.

I was able to participate in a technical roundtable discussion answering specific questions about such things as transmitters, radio frequency, and site grounding. Some of our partners who use SonSet Solution’s equipment and manuals gave us feedback on how well things are working at their local stations.

The challenges for these broadcasters are immense. This conference marked an increasing number of speakers and attendees that could not have their photos taken due to security reasons. I was shocked by the boldness shared by these workers who travel into hostile regions to disciple people that responded to the gospel on radio.

There is an increasing number of Christians living in these “unreached” countries. The persecution is increasing, but God’s grace is increasing all the more because the Lord is faithful and radio reaches where people live. Please pray for these new believers and the ministry workers that put themselves at risk for the church.

Written by Jack Kinney

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