When the Unexpected Happens

Things don’t always turn out how we plan them. Sometimes the unexpected happens. When this occurs, do we panic, or turn to God and pray for his help in finding the solution? One of our recent radio shipments to Peru had some unforeseeable things happen, which gave us the opportunity to turn to God for His help in providing remote Peruvian villages with God’s Word.

On November 9, 2023, we sent 720 radios to our partner in Peru, Radio Logos. However, there were some challenges. On November 21, we received an “urgent” email from the station manager, Jairo Sangama, telling us that some forms, needed for customs, were missing. After a long and complicated process, Jairo was able to obtain the required forms; we filled them out and they were submitted.  Jairo then had to register with customs to be able to receive the radios. When everything was finally turned in, the shipping company had closed for the holidays.

What was our response when the unexpected happened? SonSet Solutions’ prayer team prayed for this shipment to get through.  We knew our partner could be fined or the shipment destroyed if the correct forms weren’t submitted. God answered our prayers, and the proper forms were turned in. Despite the obstacles, the shipment made it through the process. 

On January 22, 2024, Jairo sent photos of his team unloading the radios from a van at his station. He said, “Receivers for Radio Logos arrived at Chazuta. Praise God for this blessing and thank you brothers from SonSet Solutions. Now many men and women of different native languages will hear the Word of God.”  We praise the Lord with them that he answered prayer so that many in the remote areas of Peru will hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

By Ruth Weber, March 2024

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