Witch Doctor to Preacher

Unable to keep others from attending, he decided to have a look for himself. Little did he know his life would forever be changed by what he would hear. Benedict was a practicing animist witch doctor in Tanzania. A team from Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) had come to his village to share the good news of Christ. Benedict was strongly against this but couldn’t resist the urge to see what it was all about. That night the gospel was clearly presented, and he couldn’t deny the conviction he felt in his heart. He immediately went home and destroyed his idols and tools for witchcraft.

Wanting to learn more about God and tell others what he had experienced, Benedict attended the UPM missionary training center in Itigi, Tanzania, where he received theological, vocational and academic training. He is now the pastor of a growing church in the same village where he first practiced as a witch doctor!

There are countless stories just like this one with lives being transformed by the gospel through the various ministries of UPM. They have installed water wells to create inroads for the gospel in several communities. SonSet Solutions provided water monitors to make sure the clean water keeps flowing. In keeping with the goal of preaching the gospel to every ethnic group before Jesus returns, UPM has trained many Tanzanian nationals and sent them all over the country.

With many areas being difficult to reach logistically, radio could prove to be a very efficient and effective means of communicating the gospel. UPM would like to start a radio station with SonSet Solutions’ help. It’s a privilege to assist this ministry as they seek additional ways to take the message of Christ to the unreached people of Tanzania.

Written by Emily Hall

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