Becoming a Fool for Jesus

God has used Joseph’s obedience to not only grow him, but to impact others around him. His faithfulness has led to great fruit.

Nutritious Weed Feeds Hospital Patients

If it weren’t bad enough being hospitalized, having to go without food would be detrimental during a patient’s recovery process. Like many hospitals in Africa, Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of Congo had no way to feed its patients.

Equipped for Ministry

“I don’t really like retirement parties, because I don’t want this to be about me. My desire is to bring glory to God.”

Where in the World is Burundi?

Where in the World is Burundi? That was my first thought when a colleague approached me about helping a radio ministry in the country of Burundi.

He Offered His Hands

Eyes brimming with tears and his face shining with genuine sincerity, he said, “I can work with my hands.”

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