It Begins with a SnapShot

Funding Development isn’t just about meeting our annual campaign goal. It’s about building relationships. It’s about introducing people to SonSet Solutions and the things God is doing around the world. That relationship often begins with a “SnapShot.”

SnapShot is an opportunity for our friends to hear stories of how God is using our technology-based solutions to further the spread of the gospel. It is also a great opportunity for them to introduce their friends to SonSet Solutions, because SnapShot is not a fundraising event. Instead, we encourage people to get connected to us by joining our mailing list where they will continue to read inspiring stories of how technology is solving today’s ministry challenges.

We recently held our very first virtual SnapShot event. One of our board members invited a number of her friends to join us for the evening as Doug Weber, Tim Yazel, and David Palmer shared a brief snapshot of how radio stations, SonSet® radios and SonSetLink™ monitoring Continue reading

Two Ministries – One Ultimate Mission

It is exciting to see how God is always at work, sometimes in unexpected ways! Recently, as SonSet Solutions sought to find an affordable way to ship SonSet® radios to Uganda, God prepared another local mission to answer that need.

Feed the Hungry is a local ministry “dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry around the world, empowering the church worldwide, and sharing the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.” They supply over 65,000 meals each day in Uganda. SonSet Solutions was invited to include radios in their Feed the Hungry shipment bound for Uganda.

Northern Uganda has become a land with more than a million South Sudanese refugees crossing the border seeking safety from the brutal civil war that has raged on for four years. Uganda has welcomed them, setting up refugee camps. Our partner radio station Usalama FM is proclaiming the gospel message in the camps in order to promote peace and unity among the various tribes. Many people have been influenced by the radio programs and Christian dramas. There has been a drop in violence and stealing as the message of hope is proclaimed. Continue reading

New Friends for Eternity

I had heard about this place for decades, but I had never visited it – until recently. It sits along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, north of Muskegon, and has a longstanding reputation for excellent Bible teaching, supporting missions and providing families a vacation with purpose. In 2020, the Maranatha Bible and Missions Conference invited SonSet Solutions to be the featured mission organization for week eight of their summer program. Attendance at the conference was down from previous years, as one would expect, but that did not dim the spirit of those who travelled from several mid-western states to attend.

Each morning began with a walk to the prayer tower. We gave these committed souls the opportunity to pray for the ministry of SonSet Solutions and two radio stations, Radio Lilanguka in Malawi and Radio Evangelica in Guinea-Bissau. We also had the privilege of praying for the needs of the others who gathered with us. Continue reading

Held at Gunpoint

A few months ago, Haiti suffered serious riots, kidnappings, violence and the needless destruction of property. Two ministry partners there reported disturbing events. One had a team of well drillers kidnapped at a gang’s hideout and held at gunpoint for hours. Only when the community leader saw they were there to help their village, were they released. Water opens doors to peace and the gospel. Another ministry reported their drilling truck was seized by rebels who then used it to block the road and even slashed all the tires, immobilizing the truck and stranding the workers. With machetes in hand, the rebels were not to be argued with.

Remote monitoring of pumps by our SonSetLink™ began as a simple tool to report pump performance, breakdowns and schedule maintenance. Continue reading

An Unreached People Now Being Reached

Mangochi, Malawi, with its tropical savanna climate, tall palm trees, and coconuts for sale in the streets is the home of Radio Lilanguka, which has an incredibly positive response from its listeners, the Yao people.

SIM Malawi in their website article called “Reaching the unreached over the airwaves” explains that despite almost 20 years of difficulties and setbacks in getting a broadcasting license, the persistence of individuals and organizations finally paid off and in 2016 the Government of Malawi granted them a license.

Radio Lilanguka began broadcasting a year later on November 27, 2017. “The Chiyao output has really started to engage with people in the community, and it is this which has led to the station becoming so popular so quickly,” said Paul Kranzler, Project Manager for Radio Lilanguka.1

Continue reading

Part of Something Greater

“I am part of something greater than myself.” What a huge blessing it is to be able to say this with confidence. I am part of something greater. As an electrical engineering student, I am often thinking of ways to improve a product or a system for the benefit of myself or others. As a Christian I am often considering God’s plan for me and my specific abilities. God led me to a place this summer where both of my desires were clearly met. SonSet Solutions provided me with an incredible learning and growing experience. I was presented with a new challenge every day seeking to solve technical problems. With the help of experienced engineers, I was able to walk through these issues and serve ministry partners with the work. I used new tools and broadened my skills in assembly, testing, firmware, and design. Continue reading

Maximizing Our Kingdom Impact

We have come a long way. Five years ago we were just beginning to toddle as an independent ministry organization. Because the support structure we had depended on for so long was no longer there, we needed to rapidly develop our skills in areas such as human resources, accounting, communications and ministry funding. We had the unique distinction of being old, yet new; of already having 29 years of technology-based ministry under our belt, and yet unseasoned when it came to having full responsibility for our own operations.

2015 was the year we became SonSet Solutions.

David Russell, president of SonSet Solutions, shared these words a couple of years into our journey, Continue reading

And the Winner is …

What is the ‘coolest’ thing made in Elkhart County, Indiana? That question motivated a recent contest implemented through a partnership between local government groups in Elkhart County.

Historically, the county has been known for manufacturing Recreational Vehicles (RVs). This contest highlighted some of the other interesting industry present in this area. Over 30 companies were nominated, with entrants ranging from hand-made motorcycles to liquid-nitrogen ice cream.

Our SonSetLink™ remote water monitors also entered the running. Write Connections, a local marketing and consulting firm, organized the contest, visited each contestant, and produced an article and a video describing each entry. Continue reading

My Sweet UPS Driver

God sometimes blesses in unexpected ways. Karen and her husband, Jeff, were excited to be able to hand-carry suitcases full of equipment from SonSet Solutions to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This was a critical shipment for upgrading Radio Kahuzi’s studio equipment from analog to digital. Radio Kahuzi is a Christian radio station that has been broadcasting the gospel from Bukavu since 1992. The station ministers to a potential listening audience of three million people.

Karen knew that the packages from SonSet Solutions were due to arrive on a particular day, but she could not seem to log on to the UPS site to leave her signature. She had many errands to run to get ready for the big trip but knew her boys would be home to accept the packages. Continue reading

Caring for a Community

Fighting  a pandemic is daunting for any community. But, what if you must hike to a well multiple times a day just to meet your family’s basic needs? How much of that water are you going to want to use for frequent hand washing? How likely are you to spend money on soap when you barely have enough for food? Social distancing? Is that even possible in crowded markets where daily trips are necessary due to lack of refrigeration? Hand sanitizer? Disinfectant? What are those and where do you get them? You can understand the challenges in preventing the spread of disease in developing countries.

It is not possible for most schools to go online. The majority of students do not have power or internet in their homes. With churches closed, online services are not an option and many are unable to read the Bible for themselves. Continue reading