• Praise and Prayer-April 24, 2017

    Reaching remote fishing villages in Alaska – Radio KYKD, a ministry of Voice for Christ Ministries, distributed their second supply of SonSet® radios by snowmobile to the indigenous people who live in remote fishing villages in the KYKD listening area. Radio KYKD is asking for more radios! Please pray for God’s provision so the Yup’ik people can be reached with the good news of the love of Jesus.

    Providing sustainable water – An order of 55 remote monitoring systems were built and shipped to Water Mission for their water system installations. Pray for their efforts to provide sustainable safe water and sanitation for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Water Mission has served 50 different countries on 5 different continents.

    Community radio station in Zambia – We shipped a transmitter and other radio station equipment to Premier One Love FM, a ministry associated with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries, in Lusaka. Broadcasts are able to reach the entire Lusaka province and surrounding towns. Pray for God’s blessing on the installation of the equipment and Premier One Love’s efforts to reach their people with the gospel message.

  • Praise and Prayer-April 18, 2017

    Sustaining clean water – We are consulting with Oasis World Ministries (OWM) about the possibility of using our water monitors with their water projects around the world. OWM has drilled over 380 fresh-water wells in third-world villages that provide the daily water needs for more than 190,000 men, women and children. Pray that these wells continue to function and can be a reliable source of fresh water for these villagers.

    Monitoring biblical content – We are working with Renew Outreach to monitor biblical content distribution on their LightStream device. Their equipment provides the ability to share the audio Bible and the JESUS Film in “off the grid” locations around the world without using a generator or fuel. Their systems are purposefully designed to carry the Gospel message from the Amazon jungle to the African bush to the Middle Eastern desert. Pray that many will be reached through this technology.

    Partner TWR – We have worked closely with TWR over the years providing four 100,000-watt shortwave transmitters as well as FM transmitters. Several of their personnel are seconded to SonSet Solutions. TWR’s calling is to reach the world for Christ by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced. Pray for God’s blessing on this ministry and these efforts.

  • Praise and Prayer-April 11, 2017

    Reaching the local Spanish population – SonSet Solutions maintains two Spanish repeater stations that are picked up in the Goshen and Elkhart, Indiana areas from our partner Inspiracom. Inspiracom operates stations on the U.S. side of the U.S./Mexican border and broadcasts gospel programming into Mexico. Pray for the Spirit of God to use these programs to reach the Spanish population in Mexico as well as here in the Goshen/Elkhart area.

    Local business impacts the world –  IREC (International Radio & Electronics Corporation) was founded by Clarence Moore in 1947 with the intent of providing extremely reliable, high-quality electronic equipment to missionary groups operating in sometimes inhospitable environments. Crown Broadcast, a division of IREC, markets a line of FM transmitters that we designed as well as other equipment. Occasionally we provide antennas for some of their customers. Pray for God’s blessing on their business.

    Funds for family for the Congo – Two of our staff members are raising support to be able to go to Pioneer Christian Hospital and help implement a feeding program. Please pray for the logistics that need to be worked out and for the funding needed for their family to go to the Congo. They have two young children they will be bringing with them.

  • Praise and Prayer-April 4, 2017

    Radios released –We asked you to pray for the 540 SonSet® radios we shipped to Peru for Radio Logos in Chazuta. They were finally released from customs! We also learned that the customs fee was less than the original quote even though they were held up in customs for over three months. Praise the Lord for answered prayer!

    Spring break impact – We are grateful for the students we were able to host for spring break. Twenty-three students from seven colleges worked on various projects for a period of three weeks in March. We were blessed by their work and they seemed blessed by their experience. Seven applied for summer internships. Four are being accepted into the summer program.

    High Adventure – We have worked with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries in Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, South Sudan and Uganda. They are presently putting in a second frequency in Asamuk, Uganda and increasing the signal power at a refugee camp in this same country. Pray for God’s blessing as they expand the coverage of their broadcasts.

  • Praise and Prayer-Mar 27, 2017

    Increasing power in Bonaire – One of our staff members and his wife are in Bonaire increasing the power for TWR’s medium wave broadcasts. Pray for health, wisdom and strength for the many challenges they are facing.

    Reaching Dapaong – We are working with Radio Africa Network (RAN) on a radio station plant near Dapaong, Togo. RAN’s vision is to use radio as a means of evangelization. They help to establish locally owned and operated radio stations run by Christians in Africa. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the people of Dapaong to receive the message of truth and for God’s blessing on this project.

    Light for Uganda – We received an update from Every Child Ministries. The solar lamp pole we provided was installed in Uganda. It is working well and being used regularly. This unit provides light and a cell phone charging station. Pray that this tool will offer practical help for villagers and open their hearts to the efforts of Every Child Ministries to share Jesus, the light of the world.

  • Praise & Prayer – March 21, 2017

    Making disciples in Africa – In Tanzania, radio is the most influential form of media, so our partner Joy in the Harvest built a radio station to positively impact the lives of 2.5 million people. Radio JOY, a not-for-profit station on-the-air with a full schedule broadcast since February 2016, is the only local radio station in its area. Pray that their purpose will be fulfilled “to provide expertise and resources needed by the church in Africa for making Christian disciples.”

    Broadcast equipment for Tanzania – Most people in Tanzania are illiterate and have no access to other media of communication except the radio. Radio Furaha purposes to have 30 percent religious or gospel programs and 70 percent development programs, but in most cases religious programs account for more than 50 percent. They are involved with several stations across Tanzania. Pray for wisdom as they consider securing new broadcast equipment from SonSet Solutions.

    New station – We began working with Radio Uhai in Tanzania in 2014 when the proposed station was in the initial stages and seeking financial assistance. Now they have the funds and the license and the equipment has been shipped. Pray that this predominantly Muslim and traditional religious region will be reached with the message of the Gospel.

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