• Praise and Prayer-Oct 19, 2018

    Successful Informational Meetings in Ohio – We praise the Lord for two successful Informational Dessert events in Ohio last week. Close to 100 people came to hear what God is doing through SonSet Solutions. The number of friends of this ministry is growing. It is a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord together!

    Senior Design Projects Underway – SonSet Solutions works with universities to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-life challenges in world missions through engineering senior design projects. Please join us in praying for projects underway at Liberty University and John Brown University. Ask the Lord to stir the hearts of young people to invest their talents for Kingdom purposes.

    Burkina Faso Partner Celebrates Past and Plans for Future – Our partner in Burkina Faso was at SonSet Solutions October 17 to celebrate 25 years of ministry and two decades of partnership, and to strategize with our leadership regarding direction for future ministry together. Pray for God’s wisdom as we consider the next steps.

  • Praise and Prayer-Oct 12, 2018

    Installation of Water Monitoring Tools in Haiti – Please pray for our coworker who will be in Haiti this week installing SonSetLink water monitoring tools. These tools will enable our partner to keep close tabs on the performance of clean water systems that the local community depends on. As trust with the community increases, so do the opportunities for sharing the gospel.

    Radio Equipment in Customs – A radio transmitter sent to a ministry partner in Tanzania is being held up in customs. Additional documentation has been requested by authorities.  It is hoped that this transmitter will begin broadcasts by the end of this week. Ask for the Lord’s intervention.

    Difficulties in Shortwave Installation in Papua New Guinea – Technical difficulties have arisen as coworkers are helping our partner in Papua New Guinea with the installation of a new shortwave antenna design.  Pray that the difficulties can be resolved quickly so that our partner can resume nationwide Christian broadcasts. 

  • Praise and Prayer-Oct 5, 2018

    Radio Work in Honduras – Two SonSet Solutions engineers are in Honduras installing radio equipment for a partner in a remote area. They are both sensing particularly strong spiritual opposition. Please pray for physical and spiritual protection, and that God would cause the work to go forward unhindered.

    Gaining New Friends for the Ministry – SonSet Solutions will hold informational desserts next week (Oct. 11 and 12) in Ohio. Pray that our team will represent the ministry well and more people will be added to our network of friends.

    Strategic Objectives for 2019 – SonSet Solutions’ strategic objectives for 2019 are in place and the year’s operating budget is already approved by our board. Pray for continued guidance from the Lord as we look ahead with anticipation to what God will do through this ministry in the coming year!

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 28, 2018

    SonSet Solutions Team Members Embark on Work Trip to Papua New Guinea – Two of our team members embarked this week to Papua New Guinea to help our longtime partner there with multiple radio projects. International travel has its dangers, but this one came upon them within blocks of their house. As a coworker was driving them to the airport, the car was struck by a hit and run driver. Praise God no one was hurt, but the coworker’s car sustained significant damage. Pray for God’s protection on the rest of the journey and for provisions for the car repair.

    SonSet Solutions Workers Promote Student Opportunities at College Fairs – SonSet Solutions workers are attending college fairs this week to promote SonSet Solutions spring break work team opportunities and summer internships. Pray that qualified students might respond to the invitation.

    SonSet Solutions’ Partner Celebrating 25 Years of Broadcast Ministry – One of our ongoing quests at SonSet Solutions is to deepen relationships with ministry groups with whom we have already enjoyed fruitful collaboration. In an upcoming visit by the leader of the R.E.D ministry in Burkina Faso, we will help celebrate 25 years since their broadcast ministry was launched. We will also meet to explore additional ways that we can provide technology-based solutions to overcome barriers and help our friends reach even more people in their country with the message of new life in the Lord Jesus.

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 21, 2018

    New Missionary Couple to Start Service Soon – A new missionary couple is due to begin their service with SonSet Solutions on December 1. Pray for them as they wrap things up at their present places of employment. Ask God to stir the hearts of more people so their ministry partnership income will soon reach 100%.

    Radio Station Repairs and Upgrades in Honduras – Long-awaited repairs are scheduled for a radio station in Honduras next week. Pray as two people from our office travel there to take care of this work and also install a system that is intended to guard equipment against dangerous electrical power fluctuations.

    Radio Ministry Partner in Zambia Resumes Broadcasts – Praise the Lord that our radio ministry partner in Zambia, Premiere One Love, which was off the air due to a broken transmitter, was able to borrow a transmitter from another partner and has now resumed broadcasts. SonSet Solutions will be repairing the broken transmitter.

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 14, 2018

    SonSet® Radios Ready for Shipment to Burkina Faso – Praise the Lord that the order of 2,400 SonSet radios for our partner RED in Burkina Faso have been tested and prepared for shipment.

    Board of Directors Meet – The SonSet Solutions board of directors meets every quarter. Thank the Lord for this group of individuals that loves the ministry and wants to help it thrive. Ask for God’s guiding presence at the September meeting.

    Major Project with Longtime Partner in Papua New Guinea – Two of our staff will travel this month to Papua New Guinea to assist a radio ministry partner with a major project. We helped Wantok Radio Light go on the air in 2002 and assisted in their becoming a network with 31 FM repeater stations! Pray for wisdom and strength to complete the project which will restore shortwave broadcasts.

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 7, 2018

    Spiritual Impact of Radio Ministry in Peru – Several years ago, SonSet Solutions helped Ray Rising with a radio station in Llata, Peru. Ray quotes a local Quechua pastor speaking of the impact of the station: “We have testimonies of believers who are being built up in their faith as well as unbelievers who are coming to an understanding of the Bible and the meaning of the gospel.” Praise God for this spiritual fruit.

    Seeking New Friends for the Ministry – Pray for details to come together in preparation for two mission representation events coming up in October. SonSet Solutions will host informational desserts in Columbus and Akron, Ohio, on October 11 and 12, respectively. Friends of the ministry will be invited and encouraged to bring with them a couple of people who are not already familiar with SonSet Solutions. Pray that this will draw new friends to the ministry.

    Radio Ministry in Zambia Off the Air – A radio ministry in Zambia, Premiere One Love, is off the air due to problems with their transmitters. Video calls between a SonSet Solutions technician and the station engineer failed to resolve the issues, so the transmitters will have to be sent here for repair. The station manager suspects that these technical problems along with medical issues among the staff are evidence of a spiritual battle that needs much prayer.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 31, 2018

    Successful Installation of Water Pump Monitors – We praise the Lord for the successful installation of five of our water pump monitoring systems in Kenya and Tanzania and the training of nationals for future installations. Our in-country partners use clean water as a means to care for the human needs of the communities they are ministering to and to help open doors for evangelism and church planting.

    SonSet® Radios Clear Customs in Peru – Thank the Lord with us that the shipment of 1,040 SonSet radios destined for Radio Logos in northeastern Peru cleared customs and arrived safely at our partner ministry, avoiding big delays. Pray for God’s divine help with the distribution of these mouthpieces for the gospel. Due to the terrain and absence of roads in the region, delivery to residents in remote villages is a challenge.

    Growing Relationship with Chinese Manufacturer – Thank the Lord for the privilege of hosting here at SonSet Solutions representatives from the company in China that manufactures our SonSet® radios. They reiterated their commitment to help us be successful in our endeavors. Pray for the ongoing success of this company that also serves the ministry objectives of several other Christian organizations.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 24, 2018

    Radio Ministry in Peru Back on the Air – We praise the Lord that the new FM station of partner Radio Logos in northeastern Peru has been restored to operation. Approximately 50,000 San Martin Quechua Indians live within reach of this broadcast ministry. 

    Power Protection Team Creating Solutions – We pray for SonSet Solutions’ Power Protection team as they continue to research and develop intelligent solutions for shielding our partners’ studio and transmitter equipment from damaging variations in electrical power. Months of lost ministry opportunity can result when equipment must be repaired or replaced. 

    SonSet Radios® Arrive in Uganda – SonSet Radios—3360 of them—have arrived in Uganda. Pray that they will clear customs quickly and safely make the journey north to Radio Usalama FM in the Adjumani district where they will be distributed to refugees in the camps.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 17, 2018

    Protecting Radio Equipment for Consistent Ministry Impact – Erratic electrical power has been the biggest cause of damaged equipment and lost broadcast time for partner Radio Logos in northeastern Peru. This week they are installing special power protection circuitry that SonSet Solutions has provided. Pray for this to function reliably so that the station can have a powerful, consistent broadcast ministry.

    Power-Generating Wind Turbines to Increase Radio Ministry in Kenya – Because of limited power, a partner radio ministry in Kenya can only broadcast five hours per day. Pray for the successful shipping and installation of power-generating wind turbines which can result in greatly increased broadcast time and ministry impact.

    Radio Station in the Congo Offers Hope and Help – With the assistance of SonSet Solutions, Pioneer Christian Hospital started a radio station in 2013 which ministers to the patients, their families, and the surrounding community. Pray for more changed lives as people hear the gospel and community health programing.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 10, 2018

    Clean Water Creating Foothold for the Gospel – Two of our staff members are currently in Kenya and Tanzania working with organizations that use clean water as a means to gain a foothold for the gospel in underdeveloped communities. Pray for fruitfulness for God’s Kingdom. 

    SonSet Radios® Ready for Distribution in Peru – Confirmation was received that the shipment of 1,040 SonSet radios reached the hands of our ministry partner in northeastern Peru. Pray for the distribution process that will begin with people of the Achuar tribe. A spiritual revival is underway there. 

    Long-term Impact of Summer Internships – Let’s praise the Lord together for a wonderfully rich summer internship that impacted the lives of ten college-age young people. Ask the Lord to continue working in their lives and that some of them will be led to return to work with us full time.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 3, 2018

    Radio Broadcasts Interrupted by Hurricane Damage to Resume Soon – Radio station WIVV, a Christian radio station in Puerto Rico, was severely damaged by a September 2017 hurricane. Collapsed towers, broken power poles, and a flooded transmission site on the island of Vieques complicated and delayed the restoration of broadcasts. Praise God that the towers are up and electricity has been restored to the site. Pray for the final power connections to be made between the transmitter and tower so that broadcasts can resume soon.

    Shortwave Broadcasts to Resume in Papua New Guinea – Preparations are underway for a SonSet Solutions technician to travel to Papua New Guinea in October to restore the shortwave transmission of Christian radio station Wantok Radio Light. After thieves burned down the antenna poles and stole the copper wiring, the decision was made to move the site to a more secure location in the highlands. Pray for safety during travel and the successful installation of a new antenna design.