• Praise and Prayer-Oct 17, 2017

    “God’s Vision” – Our partnership with Theovision International based in Ghana began in 2008 to help the ministry put community radio stations on the air and serve in community development throughout Africa. Theovision, “God’s Vision,” comprises God-fearing people with professional skills in sound engineering, radio, television, training, audio/visual production, and healthcare services who use modern technology to promote the gospel. Pray that God would continue to raise up and equip laborers for this effective ministry.

    LifePumps – One of our engineers recently traveled to Haiti to assist Design Outreach with a water pump project and distributed 15 Audio Bibles as a gift from SonSet Solutions. Design Outreach came up with the innovative LifePump, which is capable of bringing up water from deep underground reservoirs in parched lands such as those in Central Africa. Pray for wisdom for our engineers who are working to develop a monitoring system for the pumps.

    Outreach in Haiti – From the beginning, the mission of New Generation Ministries has been “to come alongside the people of Haiti to help them help themselves attain a sustainable life in Christ, with a real hope for the future.” In this endeavor, SonSet Solutions supplied equipment turning their small radio station into a full studio. Our fixed-tuned SonSet® radios were also shipped allowing locals to tune in to the broadcasts. Pray for founders Mike and Chris Leland that God would continue to direct them in this outreach to the people of Haiti.

  • Praise and Prayer-Oct 9, 2017

    Damage from Hurricane Maria – Our friends at The Rock Radio Network in Puerto Rico have three AM radio stations that are off the air due to damage from Hurricane Maria. Pray for the funds needed to be able to get them back on the air.

    “Voice of the Andes” – HCJB, “The Voice of the Andes,” was the first radio station with daily programming in Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. The station was founded in 1931. Continue to pray that the renewing of their license would be granted. There is another applicant vying for the same frequency. Pray also for a movie they have recently released that it will be a great and bold witness for the Lord.

    Fundraising Sharathon – Longtime partner Wantok Radio Light, the national Christian station in Papua New Guinea, is holding their fundraising sharathon. Pray that people will give generously and that hearts will continue to be touched and come to faith in Christ as a result of the broadcasts.

  • Praise and Prayer-Oct 3, 2017

    Physical and spiritual education – Radio ICDI, a ministry of Water for Good, is broadcasting in the Central African Republic. These broadcasts help to support the ministry’s ongoing water and community development programs and can be heard by villagers across the country. Pray that nationals will be equally receptive to the educational programs that teach spiritual truths.

    Trouble with transmitter – Joy in the Harvest is a church planting, compassion and community development ministry. Founders, Lowell and Claudia Wertz, began a radio station in 2015 to expand this ministry in Tanzania and are able to reach a potential listening audience of 2.1 million people. Pray for understanding as one of our engineers helps to troubleshoot a problem they are having with their transmitter.

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 25, 2017

    Hope for expansion – We heard an encouraging report from a partner in a country we cannot disclose. Despite the hostility believers in Jesus face, the station is even looking to expand. Pray for God’s protection over the station and for believers who face opposition because of their faith.

    SonSet Solutions Canada – SonSet Solutions Canada is being set up as a separate ministry in Canada. This will allow us to work together on projects of mutual interest and facilitate the sharing of personnel. Pray for the logistical hurdles that must still be overcome to help them in receiving charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency.

    Shifting communications landscape – With the mother station founded in 1992, today Radio Évangile Dѐveloppement (RED) counts eight stations in Burkina Faso. Tens of thousands of people hear the gospel in their own language. We recently sent a team to investigate mobile media solutions for the leaders of RED as they seek to reach the younger generation. Pray for wisdom as we help them lay the groundwork in utilizing new technology.

    Outreach in Cambodia – Earlier this year, we assisted a ministry with a project in Cambodia. Since its founding in 1995, God has enabled them to plant 36 churches, build a women’s center, a trade school, an orphanage, a feeding center, a day care center, medical mobile clinics, and more.  Pray that God’s love will permeate every outreach and every soul that these believers minister to.

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 18, 2017

    New staff member – We praise the Lord that one of our appointees has successfully raised their financial support and will be joining us full time in October. Pray for Leon Amstutz as he settles into his new role with SonSet Solutions. Pray for his wife, Anne, as she teaches part time and looks for ways to help at the office.

    Reaching the Mennonite Community – Our partner Eagles’ Wings Ministries International, sent equipment to us for repair. Pray for the finances they need in order to return it to them. Destiny 105.1 was set up to reach the Mennonite community in Belize. Pray that the broadcasts will be effective in sharing the truth of God’s word.

    Multiple ministries to the community – Our partner, My Refuge Christian Radio was started in 1994 and is based on four pillars – family/church, education, government, and media. Within these pillars, My Refuge operates its ministries. They were the first Christian radio station in Belize, and today they operate two stations. Pray for all that goes into the broadcast program schedule as well as the many ministries they organize for the community.

  • Praise and Prayer-Sep 13, 2017

    Preparing the way – Since the early 2000s, our partner High Adventure had been developing relationships with several Zambians through its radio outreaches. One of those Zambian Christians received media ministry training in Canada and Premier One Love FM was born. Pray that their goal of preparing the way for the soon coming of Jesus will succeed.

    Bible translation and broadcasts – Kaoma Gospel Voice consulted with us concerning an antenna tower. Kaoma Gospel Voice was begun with the vision to reach the Nkoya people in Zambia. Its goal is to reach the under-reached and under-privileged languages, which might have either had or are still in the process of having the Bible translated. Pray that both the broadcasts and Bible translation will be used mightily of God to enlighten them to the truth of His word.

    Know Nothing Without Jesus – Our work with KNWJ Radio, a ministry of Showers of Blessings, began in 2000 when a partnership agreement was signed and a repeater transmitter and 4-bay antenna were installed in American Samoa. KNWJ is a non-denominational, community-supported Christian radio station. KNWJ stands for “Know Nothing Without Jesus.”

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