• Praise and Prayer-Jan 15, 2018

    Water monitors and audio Bibles – Two of our staff members are traveling to Kenya to install two water monitors and provide 187 audio Bibles for pastors to distribute to their communities. They will also be documenting the trip with photos and information to be able to share stories of what God is doing. The trip is relatively short and there is much to do. Pray for God’s favor and that God will be glorified through all that is done.

    Impacting four goals through one means – A local Michigan church is excited about taking the message of Jesus Christ to Kenya, Africa.  Their efforts in Kenya center around 4 key areas: Churches that bring Jesus to the 800,000 Pokots that have never heard the name of Jesus; wells that bring clean water to thousands of desperate people; clinics bringing health to the sick and dying; and orphan care and education. By investing in the mission station at Lomut, they are able to impact all four goals at once. Pray for wisdom as they consider how best we can assist them.

    Sharing Audio/Visual biblical content off the grid – Our partner Renew World Outreach provides equipment that allows the audio Bible and the JESUS Film to be shared in “off the grid” locations around the world without using a generator or fuel. Their systems are purposefully designed to carry the gospel message from the Amazon jungle to the African bush to the Middle Eastern desert. Pray for God to continue to bless our partnership and the equipment we contribute toward this effort.

  • Praise and Prayer-Jan 9, 2018

    Utilizing radio to increase effectiveness – Pascal, former director of Youth for Christ in Tanzania, began a new ministry called Milestone to train Tanzanians how to be missionaries. To date, over 300 graduates have been trained and sent out to the harvest! Pascal contacted SonSet Solutions because he wants to utilize radio to increase the effectiveness of the ministry. It is also another skill that Milestone graduates can use to earn a living while serving as missionaries. Pray for God’s provision of all that is needed to get the station up and running.

    Teaching through multiple formats and ministries – Recently we provided consultation for Bible Basics International on an FM tower installation in Togo. Our work with Bible Basics International dates back to 1999. Bible Basics became international in Honduras in the late 1980s, in India in the late 1990s, and in Togo, Africa and Haiti in 2010. Bible Basics continues to emphasize the priority of teaching the basic truths of God’s Word through multiple formats and ministries. Pray that the simple truths of God’s Word will penetrate the hearts of those to whom it is sent.

    Cedarville University missions conference – Cody, Emily and Mike are at the Cedarville University missions conference this week. We dedicated their time to the Lord before they left. Pray that they can have good interactions with the students and motivate them to consider a career in missions.

  • Praise and Prayer-Jan 2, 2018

    TWR-Swaziland – We continue to provide technical support and parts for TWR’s transmitters in Swaziland. TWR-Swaziland broadcasts in 34 languages to all of Africa south of the Equator. This is the rainy season so equipment is susceptible to power outages due to lighting strikes. Pray for protection of the equipment and, should the power go out, that the backup generators would function reliably.

    Fruit for the kingdom – We are grateful for the generous giving of God’s people toward our 2017 year-end campaign! Pray that we would bear much fruit for God’s kingdom in 2018 and for the Lord’s continued provision in the days ahead.

  • Praise and Prayer-Dec 19, 2017

    Meeting both physical and spiritual needs – Our work with Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) goes back to 2000 when we sent them radio equipment for a station in the Republic of Congo. In 2006, equipment was sent to them for an additional station in another location. The Alliance has served the spiritual and physical needs of millions of men, women, and children in every part of the world. Pray that their vision will continue and many more will be reached.

    New radio work in Suriname – Our partner Baptist World Mission began in 1961, first serving in Chicago, Illinois, and is now located in Decatur, Alabama. It is an independent, Baptist missionary agency serving more than 275 missionaries in over 45 countries worldwide. Pray for God’s blessing on a new radio work being started in Suriname.

  • Praise and Prayer-Dec 11, 2017

    Medical staff needed – We are grateful for the work of one of our missionary families who traveled to the Republic of Congo to help Pioneer Christian Hospital and Radio Sango Kitoko, ministries of Global Outreach Mission. They were able to successfully set up a patient feeding program, do repairs at both the hospital and radio station, and monitor power conditions. We also sent 60 SonSet® radios. Pray as the primary missionary doctor is home for a year on furlough, that the Lord would provide the staff needed to keep things running smoothly.

    Open doors – We have assisted our partner Reach Beyond Europe/Eurasia with expertise for ministries in over 20 countries in this region over the years. Pray for continued open doors for the gospel message.

    Radio leads to churches – We assisted Restore FM, a radio ministry of High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries in Rwanda, with equipment. One of the country’s first evangelical radio stations, Restore FM 98.0 began by encouraging listeners with biblical truth through music and message. As listeners responded, the Rwandan-born pastor who started the station visited each community and wherever possible began and built a community church. Today he has planted 80 churches in Rwanda. Pray for continued church growth as a result of the broadcasts.

    Youth for Christ – Our work in Samoa began with a partnership with Youth for Christ Ministries in 1997. SonSet Solutions was involved in installing the original equipment for Laufou Christian Radio. Youth for Christ’s team conducts rallies, high school ministry, street evangelism, radio programs, sports, prison, youth guidance, and village Bible studies.  They also conduct leadership training, mentoring and discipleship and ministry for young couples, young women and singles. Pray for laborers for this fertile ministry.

  • Praise and Prayer-Dec 4, 2017

    Electrical power issues – We are working with Crown FM in Nigeria and recently shipped an antenna for their new station. Pray for the wisdom and discernment they need to overcome the electrical power issues keeping them from going on the air.

    New radio station – We did some FM coverage plots for Diospi Suyana for four locations in Peru. Diospi Suyana, which means “We trust in God” in Quechua, was founded as a medical ministry by Drs. Klaus-Dieter and Tina John from Germany in 2002. The hospital has been in operation since October 2007. Pray for clarity as they consider the best location for an accompanying radio station.

    New FM signal – Radio Logos is in the process of adding an FM signal to its shortwave broadcast operation in Peru. The FM station will broadcast in the Spanish and San Martin Quechua languages. The shortwave signal is focused on groups in the outlying areas. Radio Logos is in the process of purchasing land on which they can erect an FM tower. The FM transmitter which originated here at SonSet Solutions and was paid for by Reach Beyond, arrived in country recently. Pray for God’s blessing as a group of trained local believers operate the new station.

    Recent Board Meeting – We praise the Lord for a productive and encouraging Board of Directors meeting that took place last weekend. Pray that each board member will be used greatly of God in their service to this ministry. Pray too for new member Gary Habegger, as he transitions onto the board.

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