• Praise and Prayer-Apr 20, 2018

    Work team prepares SonSet® radios for Alaska – SonSet Solutions will host a work team on April 21 to prepare 60 radios for distribution by our radio partner KYKD in Alaska. The station’s programming is oriented to the Yup’ik people, the major culture of the region, but KYKD desires to bring the gospel to all people in their listening area. Pray that the recipients of these radios and their families will respond to the gospel message.

    Upgrades and training for Radio Lumiere in Haiti – Two SonSet Solutions missionaries are providing important computer system upgrades for our partner Radio Lumiere in Haiti and are training staff on their use (see April 6 prayer request). A former Radio Lumiere station manager is providing valuable assistance as a translator. Pray that arrangements can be made for him to provide ongoing training and support for staff as they work toward proficiency in these new systems.

    Improving cross-cultural communication and understanding – Recently SonSet Solutions managers explored ideas for improving communication with our international partners so that we might be better able to understand their technical needs and create solutions that work in their particular cultural context. Pray for wisdom as we strive to help partners in other lands and cultures advance the gospel.

  • Praise and Prayer-Apr 13, 2018

    Victim of brutal attack recovering – We are pleased to report that Francis from Uganda is out of the hospital after a brutal attack by robbers (see 3/30/18 prayer request). Pray that he will soon be well enough to travel to SonSet Solutions for the technical training that will help him sustain radio Usalama FM, a ministry bringing hope and reconciliation through the gospel to refugees in northern Uganda.

    Vibrant working relationship between SonSet Solutions and LeTourneau University – On a recent trip to his alma mater LeTourneau University, SonSet Solutions’ president David Russell was told by engineering faculty of their strong desire to continue the long-term partnership with SonSet Solutions. Through participation in our spring break and summer internship programs, many LeTourneau students have discovered how engineering can be used to advance the gospel. Praise God for this vibrant working relationship, and pray that God would call out more engineers for gospel work.

    Missionaries serve in local church ministry – In addition to their work here at SonSet Solutions, our missionaries and staff serve in their local churches as children’s workers, teachers, youth leaders, deacons, etc. Pray for wisdom for balancing their many responsibilities and a continual dependence on the Spirit for fruitful ministry.

  • Praise and Prayer-Apr 6, 2018

    Opportunities for service and support – Every spring SonSet Solutions invites people to participate financially in what the Lord is doing through this ministry. Our 2018 Case for Support document will soon be arriving at people’s homes. New doors for effective service are opening before us. Thank the Lord with us for those who already give financially and ask him to stir the hearts of more of his children to be part of this team.

    Expanding the reach of partners through SonSet® radio distribution – We are excited about the opportunity to greatly expand the reach of our ministry partners’ broadcast ministries in Burkina Faso, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Uganda through the distribution of SonSet radios. Pray for clarity regarding how many radios should be designated for each of these countries this year and when the corresponding shipments should take place.

    Updating and training for partner in Haiti – Two SonSet Solutions missionaries are traveling to Haiti April 2-21 to work with our partner Radio Lumiere in Port Au Prince. They will be installing systems that will allow Radio Lumiere to store and play music and broadcast content in a digital format. This will make it easier to create and broadcast their radio programs. Please pray for safety as they travel, productivity as they work, and good communication (translation) as they train the staff.

  • Praise and Prayer-Mar 30, 2018

    Technical training postponed due to vicious attack – The equipping of others for effective use of technology in Kingdom work is a particular privilege we have at SonSet Solutions. A representative of High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries was scheduled to be at SonSet Solutions this week to receive specialized technical training for their radio ministry in northern Uganda. Just before embarking on his visit, Francis was attacked by robbers and sustained serious injuries requiring hospitalization. Please pray for his full recovery and resumption of ministry work.

    More workers needed for growing service opportunities – As our network of contacts with ministry workers around the globe continues to grow, we recognize that the opportunities for Kingdom service are essentially unlimited. Pray for discernment as we seek open doors that will lead to effective work, and ask the Lord to send more workers who are full of enthusiasm for the things God is doing.

    Radio equipment held up in customs – A shipment of SonSet® radios and radio station equipment for our partner in a West African country was sent out early in March and has been held up in customs. Our partner requests prayer that the shipment would be released soon.

  • Praise and Prayer-Mar 23, 2018

    Investing in Students Through Summer Internships – The SonSet Solutions staff looks forward each year to investing in the hands-on training and spiritual growth of service-minded students during our ten-week summer internship program. Pray for discernment as we process this year’s large volume of applications.

    Safe Transit for Repaired Radio Equipment – Pray for the safe arrival of a repaired FM transmitter on its way to our partner RAO FM in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.  The shipment had been delayed due to a freight embargo at the destination airport, which has since been lifted.

    SonSet Radios® Released in Nepal – A shipment of 400 SonSet radios for a partner in Nepal had been held up at the border. We just received word that it has been released. Pray for safe delivery and that the message heard on those radios will bear spiritual fruit in the hearts of the listeners.

  • Praise and Prayer-Mar 16, 2018

    Technical Training for Gospel Ministry – High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries brings the hope of the gospel to refugees in camps in Uganda through the ministry of Christian radio. A representative of that ministry will come to SonSet Solutions during the week of March 25, to receive technical training. Pray that he will be able to acquire information and skills needed to maintain the ministry.

    Student Mobilization – Three back-to-back weeks of our spring break initiative made it possible for 27 students from seven colleges to apply their skills and education to current projects at SonSet Solutions. Pray that this hands-on exposure to world missions will bear fruit in the lives of these young people.

    Nationwide Christian Radio to Resume in Papua New Guinea – Two years ago, the Wantok Radio Light (WRL) shortwave station with nationwide coverage was ransacked and silenced by thieves. A replacement station was on hold until a more secure location was found. Pray for wisdom as the staff of WRL and SonSet Solutions formulate plans for reinstalling the shortwave station at the new location.

  • Praise and Prayer-Mar 9, 2018

    SonSet® Radios– SonSet Solutions is strategizing with ministries in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and Peru as to how to equip them with many more SonSet radios in order to expand their listening audiences. Praise the Lord for the solid information gained recently from partner ministries Radio Usalama in Uganda and Wantok Radio Light in PNG.

    Update: Papua New Guinea Earthquake – Three of Wantok Radio Light’s repeater stations were knocked off the air in the recent earthquake. Pray that the affected stations will be quickly restored and broadcasts resumed.

    Challenges to Radio in South Sudan – God is enabling a ministry partner to establish a Christian radio station in South Sudan despite dangers and many logistical challenges. Pray for the successful completion of the project and that many will hear and respond to the gospel.

  • Praise and Prayer-Feb 28, 2018

    Volunteer help – We praise the Lord that 3,600 SonSet® radios arrived safely in our facility this week. Pray for the volunteer help we will need as we prepare these radios for ministry partners around the world.

    Recent earthquake – A magnitude 7.5 earthquake recently caused extensive damage and many deaths in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Pray for the country of Papua New Guinea and our partner Wantok Radio Light as they broadcast in this area and minister to their people through the radio.

    Spring Break 2018 – During the weeks of March 4, 11 and 18, SonSet Solutions will be hosting spring break students. So far 27 students from seven colleges will be serving alongside our staff. Pray for God’s blessing on this experience, both for the students and our staff.

  • Praise and Prayer-Feb 22, 2018

    Christian radio in Cameroon – Dr. Feumba Samen is interested in starting a Christian radio station in Cameroon and recently visited the Broadcast Services Department at SonSet Solutions. Please pray for guidance as he works through all the legal details to make that happen.

    Board of directors – SonSet Solutions’ board of directors will have their quarterly meeting on Saturday, March 3. Pray for wisdom and unity of spirit as they meet and discuss important topics. Pray too that God will bless each board member and their service to this ministry.

    Holding off on radio station – We have been helping TransformAsia as they work to get a radio station started in Cambodia. Pray for peace in Cambodia and wisdom for TransformAsia to know how and when to proceed with the development of this new ministry.

  • Praise and Prayer-Feb 12, 2018

    Strengthening our partners’ technical abilities – Instead of traveling to locations around the world, our engineers are often able to assist ministry partners by phone, email, Skype and text helping them with troubleshooting, repair and installation of equipment. This saves time and resources and allows our partners to not only improve in their technical abilities but take ownership in the care of their equipment. Pray that we can continue to enable and strengthen our partners in this way.

    Expanding their reach – Our partner My Refuge Christian Radio was started in 1994 and became the first Christian radio station in Belize. Today they operate stations in two different cities. In 2009 they were invited by Plus TV, a Christian Cable Television Broadcast, to bring one of their radio shows to television. This allows them to reach five of the six districts in the country. Pray that God will continue to open doors for the light of Christ to shine on the people of Belize.

    Network of radio stations – We recently assisted Radio Del Campo Boliviano with broadcasting equipment. Radio del Campo Boliviano is setting up a network of radio stations throughout Bolivia.  They are a grass roots group working as Christian community radio reaching people groups especially in the country. Pray for God’s continued provision of the volunteers who make operation of the station possible.

  • Praise and Prayer-Feb 7, 2018

    Carribean Radio Lighthouse – Our partner Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua was affected by the string of hurricanes that barreled through the Caribbean Islands last year. They called recently to request some sample SonSet® radios for their station. Pray for the staff of this radio station as they broadcast hope to the islands surrounding them in the wake of the devastation that occurred on many of those islands.

    Reach Beyond Australia – Continue praying for Reach Beyond Australia as they broadcast in shortwave to countries in the South Pacific and India. Recent reports indicate that they receive approximately 2,500 letters, e-mails, and text messages each year, mostly from India. Pray for effective ministry opportunities for this radio ministry.

    SonSet Radios – We have recently placed another order for SonSet radios with the manufacturer. Pray for a good response to upcoming fundraisers that will allow us to place these radios with four strategic radio partners who have expressed a specific need for them.

  • Praise and Prayer-Jan 29, 2018

    Reaching the lost through relationships – Our partner Zoe Waters believes that the provision of the basic need of water opens the door to a relationship that may lead to the opportunity to share the gospel. This includes the pairing of audio gospel distribution with the provision of a village water well, all in conjunction with local pastors and missionaries who can continue to provide spiritual support to these previously unreached tribes. Pray for God’s blessing on this outreach.

    Spring Break 2018 – Our Spring Break 2018 opportunities for college students are now available on our website. Pray for wisdom for students as they consider whether to invest their spring break by exploring how God can use their education for missions. Pray that the Lord will lead many students to join us this March.

    Harvesters International – Praise the Lord for a successful trip Cody and Emily made recently to Harvesters International in Kenya to install two SonSetLink™ water monitors. Pray for changed lives in the people who received the audio Bibles that Cody and Emily took with them to distribute in the communities they visited.