• Praise and Prayer-Aug 15, 2017

    True life and freedom – We are working with our partner DIGUNA on a new radio station for Kanisa la Biblia in Tanzania. Together with local churches, mission organizations and missionaries, DIGUNA works to spread the Gospel throughout Africa. “Africa is ready for the Gospel. Generally the people are very open and receptive.” It is not their aim to change their cultures but to redeem it through the cross of Jesus Christ. Pray with DIGUNA that through God’s love, the people will abandon a fear and mistrust of religious systems and experience true life and freedom.

    Church and radio planting in Thailand – Since 2011, we have supplied equipment toward an initiative with the Reach Beyond Asia Pacific Region and an indigenous church- and radio-planting effort in Thailand. Pray that this work can continue unhindered in this volatile region.

    Extended ministry for hospital – Bible Basics International is close to getting their license in northern Togo. ABWE is partnering with Bible Basics International to create an FM Christian radio station. The station, Hope Radio, for which we provided antenna installation drawings, is at the ABWE hospital. Bible Basics continues to emphasize the priority of teaching the basic truths of God’s Word through multiple formats and ministries. Pray that the necessary license to broadcast will be issued and become an effective extended ministry for the hospital.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 7, 2017

    Family ministering in Suriname – We worked with Ethan Champlin who serves under Baptist World Mission on supplying technical data for a station inspection in Suriname. Baptist World Mission is an independent, Baptist missionary agency serving more than 275 missionaries in over 45 countries worldwide. Ethan is the son of missionary parents and grew up in Suriname. Now Ethan and his wife serve in Suriname and are in the process of starting a radio work.  Pray for protection, strength and stamina for Ethan, his wife and nine children.

    Budgeting process – SonSet Solutions’ 2018 budgeting process is underway right now. Pray that the Lord will help us discern where to focus the resources he has placed in our hands to steward.

    Radio opening doors for planting churches – In 2004, Rwandan-born pastor Joseph Karasanyi felt God’s call to minister biblical Christianity to his nation, beginning with radio. In 2005, High Adventure and Blessings for Obedience joined him to build one of the country’s first evangelical radio stations. Restore FM 98.0 began to encourage listeners with biblical truth through music and message. As listeners responded, Pastor Joseph visited each community and wherever possible began and built a community church. Today he has planted 80 churches in Rwanda, 55 more in Congo, and the growth continues. We recently assisted Restore FM through High Adventure with a high power antenna system. Pray for more churches to be established through this outreach.

  • Praise and Prayer-Aug 1, 2017

    Ministering in three areas in Peru – The work of Baptist Mid-Missions in Peru began in 1937 where Radio Chaski is located.  Today there are around 100 organized churches or missions with which BMM works in this particular region. Most of the services in the countryside are in Quechua. Radio is used to keep in contact with and to teach the many far-flung congregations. Pray for God to work mightily in the three distinct areas in which they are ministering.

    Increasing power – Radio Logos went on the air in Peru on Saturday, July 21, 2012. The local town of about 10,000 is some 500 miles deep in the Amazon. The station is a landmark achievement for the area’s evangelical churches that stemmed from a single congregation 50 years ago, born as the result of missionary work. Pray for wisdom and God’s provision as we help them consider what is needed to increase the power of the station.

    Details for programming – Dr. Joe Harvey’s long-awaited dream has been the construction and operation of Radio Sango Kitoko, a Christian radio station. It went “on air” in January 2014 using a temporary tower. A 300-foot tower was built in January 2016. Pray for the details to come together as the local association of churches wants to start a series of health seminars and educational broadcasts involving local pastors with classes on basic hygiene, food preparation, and first aid—and then a presentation of the Gospel.

  • Praise and Prayer-July 24, 2017

    Increasing power in Bonaire – We work closely with TWR. Several of their personnel are also seconded to SonSet Solutions. Recently one of our TWR missionaries designed and helped acquire components for a power system installation for TWR. He and his wife traveled to Bonaire to work on the installation. Praise the Lord with us for the funds that came in, allowing them to order a new 400,000-watt AM transmitter to complete the project. Delivery is expected in September. Pray for God’s hand of blessing on the delivery and installation of this powerful transmitter.

    Radios for Niger – We are grateful for the help of a local church in processing radios for Radio Fidelite, a ministry of Hosanna Institute of the Sahel (HIS) in Niger. HIS is a Christian institution that provides education, professional training, and healthcare for the whole man, both spiritually and physically. A temporary station was started in November 2011. They are broadcasting in French on 95.5. Pray for lives to be changed through the ministry of this institute.

    Equipment for Asaba – We assisted a Christian businessman with equipment in November 2008 for a radio station in Nigeria. He recently received a license and frequency to broadcast in another city in Nigeria, and is in need of equipment. Pray for God’s provision for the funds needed to set up a radio station for this region.

  • Praise and Prayer-July 17, 2017

    TWR Africa – We provide technical support for ministries serving in regions all over the world. One of those partners is TWR Africa. TWR Africa engages millions in more than 40 countries in Africa via 60 languages and dialects. Pray for millions more to be reached.

    Reaching the lost in West Africa – A local church helped us process 320 SonSet® radios for a ministry in West Africa that Radio Africa Network is assisting. Radio Africa Network is responding to a request to implement a rural FM radio in an area of more 10,000 inhabitants without a Christian FM radio station. The Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of the region is requesting this to reinforce six Evangelical Baptist Churches in an animist/Islamic region. Pray for God to use these radios to reach souls that are lost.

    Life-changing friendships – We corresponded with Equip Mozambique regarding a new radio plant in the country of Mozambique. Equip Mozambique is an organization that exists in order to educate, disciple, and equip Mozambicans by connecting them with Americans. Their mission is to connect and equip Mozambicans and Americans in mutually beneficial and life-changing friendships. High on the list is working with the local people to develop a Christian radio station. Pray for eternal fruit as a result of these relationships.

  • Praise and Prayer-July 10, 2017

    A very needy area – We sent a preliminary equipment list for establishing a radio station for Kparblee Baptist Church in Kparblee, Tappita District in Liberia. The impact of a radio station in this area could be enormous, with an estimated population in the coverage area of 300,000+. The vision for the station is to be part of an outreach through the church, using communication, a medical clinic and more to represent Christ among a people often greatly discouraged, who doubt God’s goodness, and find little in which to hope. Please pray for the funds needed to proceed.

    Transforming the culture – Our partner VOX TransMedia was set up to transform youth in Liberia, giving them the information, skills and support to develop worthwhile lives while at the same time transforming the Liberian Media landscape with godly principles. Pray for God’s provision for this new organization and their desire to make a difference in the culture.

    Disciples being raised – We began working with Radio Feon’ Janahary (Radio RFJ) in conjunction with Reach Beyond Sub-Saharan Africa and Radio Africa Network in 2013. They went on the air November 19, 2016. They have a coverage area of about 120 km with a population of around 100,000 in the broadcast area. They write, “The Kingdom of God will now expand in a broad way throughout the region, many disciples being raised, workers called, trained, and sent into other regions.” Pray for many to be discipled for the Lord’s service.

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