Phone Charger Sparks Ministry

The power to enable others to provide and care for their own and others’ needs is a privilege and a responsibility that SonSet Solutions is blessed to share! It is exciting to see how God can multiply our gifts!

New Friends for Eternity

It is exciting to see God at work, sometimes in unexpected ways! Recently, as SonSet Solutions sought to find an affordable way to ship SonSet® radios to Uganda, God prepared another local mission to answer that need.

Becoming a Fool for Jesus

God has used Joseph’s obedience to not only grow him, but to impact others around him. His faithfulness has led to great fruit.

Nutritious Weed Feeds Hospital Patients

If it weren’t bad enough being hospitalized, having to go without food would be detrimental during a patient’s recovery process. Like many hospitals in Africa, Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of Congo had no way to feed its patients.

Power Quality Monitor

Imagine the frustration experienced by a Christian radio station or a mission hospital when their expensive equipment is destroyed in an instant by something so esoteric as the electricity coming from their outlets.

Sudden Silence

The people were so happy to receive these radios and hear God’s Word in their own language, but a couple of months after these radios were distributed, there was sudden silence!

“Our Lives are Already Changing”

As we rested back in our room that night and recalled what we’d seen that day, Cody and I agreed how incredible it was to witness first-hand the impact that clean water is having in winning souls for Christ’s kingdom!

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